⏰ 5 Rum Reviews in 5 Minutes: Gosling’s, Bacardi, Don Q, Mount Gay & Myers’s

Today we review Golsing’s Gold Rum, Bacardi Superior, Don Q Gold, Mount Gay Eclipse and Myers’s Gold Rum. Tasting notes, scoring, you got it, all right here!

The breakdown looks like this:

Gosling’s Gold Rum ($18)
Nose: Toffee, Caramel, Molasses
Taste: Salty Caramel, Ethanol Pain, Astringent Bite with a Dry Finish
Overall: A bit too booze and astringent
Score: 5

Bacardi Superior ($20)
Nose: Sweet Cane, Banana Notes, Light Earthy Mineral, Sandy Beaches
Taste: Lightly Sweet Molasses, Mild Burn, Caramel, Pink Cotton Candy Ethanol Finish
Overall: This isn’t a bad rum, people hate on it because they hate the brand–that’s bullshit, this is a very well done light rum
Score: 8

Myers’s Rum ($13)
Nose: Cane, Vanilla, Funky Caramel
Taste: Rubber Balloon “Funk”, Light Wood/Oak, Vanilla, Warm Burn with Dry Molasses Finish
Overall: The funky nose and rubber is tough to handle at first, but gets easier with sips
Score: 6

Mount Gay Eclipse ($20)
Nose: Salty Beaches, Sugar Cane, Vanilla, Toffee, Mild Burn
Taste: Caramel Candy, Mild Oaky Vanilla, Buttery, slightly toasted oak
Overall: It’s good, but it’s nothing exciting, meets expectations
Score: 7

Don Q Gold ($17)
Nose: Caramel, Ethanol…smell is… less than exciting.
Taste: Vanilla, Buttery Oak, Tongue Numbing, Muted Pineapple, Caramel
Overall: Not a really memorable flavor, but a good price (pretty much a light rum with gold color)
Score: 6

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bigdaddybry says:

I can dig it, but I would have put the Gizzy at 8 and Bacardi 6. Cruzan aged gold would have been nice to see included. remember this one, btw? your reaction tho…..https://youtu.be/4jMlaiq669Y?t=341

NinjaWithPotato says:

idubbs meets liquor review 😛

Stanley Tam says:

do whiskies or beer

Dave G says:

This is a first. I’m drinking Golsing’s Dark now. Great video. Thanks

Preston says:

Dude awesome shirt “Better Call Saul!”

Burnt Brian Reviews says:

Great Rum comparison! I’ve only had three out of the five rums mentioned, but agree with you completely. Have you tried Afrohead Rum yet? I just met a rep at my friend’s bar the other night and got some their 15 year aged and it was delicious. Plenty of vanilla and cognac flavor. Just picked up their 7 year aged today and will be doing a side by side video soon. Great video as always!

Creepo says:

Awesome, quick and informative, would love to see more reviews in this format!

Mike Nagler says:

I enjoy this quick easy to understand comparison, especially as a relatively new drinker. Would love to see videos in this style for other spirits as well.

playerchaos says:

well out of the 5 i can get 3 here in Michigan and of those they are 3-6 dollars cheaper than what prices you can get them for don Q is 9.99 mount gays 18.99 and Bacardi is 12.99. i would argue with your statement about the abrasiveness of
Bacardi though i haven’t had it in couple years but i think it seemed like it burned like kraken and that’s a 14 point difference.

Richard's World Traveller says:

I’ve been in Mexico for 2 weeks now and I have bought two different kinds of Bacardi rum. I can drink Tequila and Mezcal in the bars in restaurants. I was surprised to see on the bottles that they say “hecho in Mexico” The Bacardi rum was made in Mexico. I think they don’t taste as good as the other Bacardi rums that I have tried either.

Spikes Productions says:

“Funky” is a good adjective for Myers’s rum; it’s not bad, but it is very different from other Caribbean rums.
I also would place Bacardí high on a tasting chart; it’s not the best Caribbean rum, but it’s pretty good for it’s price margin.

misthunter210 says:

Awesome, this is where it’s at! Did you have this one in the can when I asked you about reviews the other day? If we can’t get the ol’fashioned reviews this is a great substitute. I’ll just miss the banter between you and Ian on the reviews. Hopefully this does well and continues on.

mschwanda says:

I really liked this type of video. I think it’s a little more useful than the recent blind tastings. Would love to see more for rums of different styles and price ranges.

Kenneth Frost says:

I like this video and this concept a lot.  Keep it up!

StrangeLibations says:

While I like your in depth tasting videos better, this concept is very cool for the more “standard” brands.

aaron says:

I was literally just watching maxmoefoe drink mount gay

Rasmus Sander says:

This review should have included the Havana Club 3 year old… Would have blown the competition away…

Vicious Suspicious says:

Ha, such a great idea to do a 5 in 5! Spares time and keeps the focus on the subject.

Brad hambrick says:


Some Guy says:

The original bacardi white rum is gross. Its like cheap vodka. Basically rubbing alcohol like.

TeamDivine says:

5 black spiced rums in 5 minutes!
Cap black
Malibu black
Bacardi black


Reclusion says:

going with Mount Gay and Bacardi Superior

ISOviivaB says:

Do same with tequila

texaswelder says:

Definitely more vids like this! Throughly enjoyed it. Just do this type of video with your whole bar but in episodes

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