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9 amazing facts about rum!

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Mike Pellerin says:

Mount Gay 1703 is the oldest Rum Brand!

Christopher Alston says:

Sailors are in the Navy. Soldiers are in the Army.

Unnikrishnan S says:

So alcohol make perfect

clunt baby says:

thumbs up if you love Kraken Rum

Paul Davis says:

love me some rum

ghee4345 says:

does the dark spice rum go on the rocks or neat??

EnthalpyH says:

And unfortunately Washington was a slave owner too. Oh man Virginia has some pretty dark history…


Nice videos. Educational.

Gareth Turner says:

Nelson was shot in the shoulder by a French sniper

Andrew Marr says:

you didnt even include sailor jerrys lol

Arvprins Falko says:

All Rums shown here, except the Myers, are shit XD

Robin Hood says:

You keep standing up straight, yea we get it, you have a belly shirt on, way to go.

Mike Pellerin says:

You said July 30th, but showed July 31st. Which is it?

galen stone says:

Myers Dark is the bomb. I used to drink it for cough medicine. (wink wink)

Edward Bliss says:

She’s hiding the fact she’s carefully watching that his hands doesn’t accidentally touch her tits

Daniel Silva says:

where did you buy those bitches? I loved

Christian Guerrero says:

You put me in a good mood, love your island accent man. cheers!

Snake_XIX says:

But why did they serve them alcohol?

Cleveland Smith says:

Yo Tipsy Bartender… if you’re such a Caribbean dude, explain why you didn’t include Wray & Nephew Overproof White Rum???

Deland Durrant says:

where the Sunset a, where the good Vincentian rum.

Some One says:

I fucking love this channel. Keep going strong!

Wulver says:

Why does he have a blonde sidekick? She is literally just there to look pretty lol.

anu duke says:

the best Rum in the world is Javan (kerala,Indian) distilled by government of Kerala

Lisa Monroe says:

Umm u forgot wray and nephew

Eden Signal says:

Show the people dem bout ray an nephs fyah wartah.

cheap eats and politics says:

Rum was actually diluted so that way the sailors could stock up on rum during the month and drink it all in one go and be trashed so they did about 4 parts water to one part rum during the 1600&1700’s. it was changed to 3 parts water to one part rum during the 19th century. But the diluted rum was know as grog. Now adays its rum,water,lime, and some sort of spice like nutmeg. Sky you should make a batch of grog for a show

Devonte Murray says:

I don’t understand the world today, they treat black ppl like shit, but were known for creating a bunch of shit like rum! People should stop disrespecting us black folks and thank us for creations we have made. On some real nigga shit!!!

Isaac Martinez says:

does rum expire?

rusty crab says:

I wanna give a shout out to Brugal Extra Viejo.

Will Ganness says:

The British House of Commons with a Maple Leaf ?? What have you been drinking?

Harry Rodgers says:

That wasn’t the House of Commons there was a Canadian flag?

Chad Myers says:


TheeChiv says:

Shit you gotta be a rich man to be using 151 as a molotov. Man I ain’t tipping out a £3 Bacardi and coke let alone a fucking £70 151 molotov. Man it’s probably cheaper to go to Syria and join ISIS that throw that shit.

A18 says:

Rum is fucking disgusting

Justin Shaw says:

I have a Big Bottle of the Kraken Black Spiced Rum, lol

Ajay Lama says:

bro let the girl talk damm

saharsha thapaliya says:

Nice video

Jose R says:

its just a myth that the declaration of independence was written in hemp paper.

J Hussain says:

he is a shit.

Bogie says:

l know the black gay guy hates GOD.

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