Angostura 12 Year Old Rum. Whisky in the 6 #53

In whisky in the 6 #53 Rob reviews Angostura 12 year old rum. A very good molasses based spirit that is made in Trinidad and Tobago. This rum is aged in ex-bourbon oak barrels. Check out the video if you’d like to learn more.


Karan Luthra says:

El Dorado 21 is by far one of my favorite Rums as well. Would be nice to see that review. A nice scotch to try would be the benraich 15 year old single malt finished in dark rum casks. Brings both spirits together in an interesting combination. Cheers

Caribbean Rumbo says:

Rob, You need to do some more research into the history of rum (raw material, distillery, spirit awards attained, blending process etc.) before you do your reviews. Angostura quality control is the best in the Caribbean from the cask selection to the quality of molasses and propriety yeast used. With that being said if you are paying more than $65US for this don’t blame the Liquid, blame the tax master. If you commented on the colour of the 1824, what would you say about the El Dorado line from 18 to 21.. This is not whisky my friend, the base is molasses for almost all dark rums and for the record rum does not taste like coca cola. Take a trip to the Caribbean and visit a few distilleries to get a better appreciation of the Liquid.

FaddaWolf says:

lol really? cola? cherry? lol really? ok….. No disrespect but you didn’t even speak to the banana’s and dried fruits that pour out of this rum…the chocolate, coffee and toffee that you taste… i think you don’t really have that taste for rum as you do scotch my friend as you, of everyone, have given 1824 the worst review it’s received… though not a bad review, i think you may be testing waters you’re not familiar with here…

that being said, please note that this is a hand casked, blended rum… and the current batch out (2015) is possibly the worst batch they’ve ever made… Conversely, the bottle of 1919 (2015) is the best bottle of 1919 ever made…


Really good review but please do try not to be wasted while doing one 🙂 Cheers

Trenny and C says:

We are feeling your price point pain my Canadian brother.  Great review, we like how you branch into spirits other than just whisky.

peter white says:

Just to add that maybe the best value rum at the LCBO might be Mount Gay XO at $45 and only 2g sugar/liter and 86 proof.


peter white says:

Actually Rob, Rum is much more expensive in Ontario than say Nova Scotia or most provinces. Here is a link to the NSLC ED21 for example.

Also there was an independent testing (3-4 different groups) of added sugar for many well known Rums and Angostura 1824 came in at 18g/litre. I have added that link as well.

Nice review


Gary Robinson says:

Just got a bottle of RL seale 10 year old. Can’t wait to try it. I recommend redleg spiced rum if you can find it In your area. Very cheap. It’s very sweet but extremely sippable.

Jeremy H says:

Solid rum, I especially liked the oak influence. LCBO had this on sale about a year ago for $68. Not worth the current price IMO. Plantation XO 20th Anniversary is really nice, also Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva is good value.

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