Beer Review # 704 Innis & Gunn Brewery Rum Aged Scotch Ale

Innis & Gunn Brewery Rum Aged Scotch Ale is the beer reviewed –
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Pooka NC says:

Sounds like a Tasty Brew, Will have to look and see if its available in my area. Great Review Greg, Cheers!

philibuster123 says:

I like this one as well. I might try aging some home brew with rum chips. Maybe an Old Chub style with rum chips.

Frozgaar says:

I’ve been interested in tasting this beer but the clear bottle definitely makes me weary. I guess being a scottish ale it’s not hopped enough to get really skunky.

Ramel34 says:

Ironic how I tried this beer for the first time the same day you uploaded the video. This beer cost close to $7.00 in Vegas. When my girl told me she paid that much I looked at her like she lost her mind but then I tried it and now I know why. Good review

Count KEKula says:

I wish I could get this here. The only I&G product we get here on a regular basis is their Original which is good, but I would love some more variety. Not their fault though as it is our liquor stores. The only time we get anything other than the original is when they come out with their Holiday Gift Packs. The last time we had a different beer from them individually was two last year with the rum finish, which was only in the store for about a month, and before that it was Irish Whiskey Cask which was almost two years ago. We also used to get the blonde on a regular basis as well, but they stopped carrying it. I like the original better than the blonde anyhow, so I wasn’t really that sad about losing the blonde.

Hojunhu says:

This was a wicked beer when I had it. Mine came in a box. Their beer they age in whiskey barrels is nice too.

Denzig says:

In sweden all Innis & Gunn come in dark brown glass bottles.

bigsneakywolf says:

I picked one up today. Going to open it tonight.

Travis Buck says:

I tried their flagship beer, Innis and Gunn original. It’s an oak-aged beer with a hint of toffee and vanilla. I’d have to say that at 6.6% it’s a pleasant beer to drink. Furthermore, the hint of oak I tasted was definitely a nice change from the usual.

seanwat3 says:

If you can get your hands on any beer made from Big Rock Brewery I’d recommend you try it. Probably the best beer to come out of Canada. My favorite is the Grasshopper Wheat Ale, and they also have a Traditional Ale. Both very good.

Jeffrey Lyons says:

The Innis & Gunn brews are among my favorites when I can find them. A couple of their beers are available in New Hampshire.


Took a trip to Canada and my friend who lives in Canada introduced me to innis&gunn beer, oh my God what a fantastic beer it is absolutely delightful!

Ramel34 says:

I just noticed that I had the oak aged beer and not this beer. The one that I had was matured for 77 days unlike this one thats matured for 57 days. You should try the oak aged one it’s probably just as good as this one.

Alex St-Georges says:

Very cool beer I have to try sometimes, great review.

sfighter991 says:

Good Review, 9 out of 10 is a good rating.

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