Captain Morgan Spiced Rum, Oak Bottle Aging

We take our Oak Bottle, condition it with some sherry and see if we can age a Captain Morgan Spiced Rum with the oak barrel. The ultimate goal is to see if we can create a Sherry Cask Captain Morgan with the oak bottle.

As it turns out the oak bottle’s fresh smoke gives the spiced rum a bit more influence of toasted as compared to the sherry cask product line and the base liquid is a bit lighter than the sherry cask product.

Oak Bottle Review:

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Robin Waldron says:

Woo Hoo!!! A double taste testing video!

Dave G says:

Great job. I always enjoy the reviews. Thanks

Joel Paglione says:

Next stop, Oak Bottle Aged Negroni

Hissatsu5 says:

I used a oak barrel to age rum and I think I left it in too long and now I’m aging a scotch hope I don’t screw it up

Joshua Kleiner says:

I wanna see you get the dice tower guys on the show and get them drunk and talking about board games.

jared Dudich says:

maybe review effen vodka by 50 cent

akuma gotetsu says:

COMMMENTTTOOOSSSS…..Sherry Oak makes ANYTHING better! Except Fireball…

Nick Greene says:

I think you guys should try ageing a vodka next, see if it comes out anything like whiskey, but I’d probably say age it for a bit longer than usual

Flintquatch says:

Sooo many oak jokes.
Hobbies: games, bass guitar, reading, power lifting

James W says:

Guitar, Taekwondo, shooting, building computers, making cocktails.

Dave G says:

My hobby was working out but then it became my job. Its hard to play where you work.

Aaron Riegelmayer says:

Excellent video. Happy to see this video. Definitely interesting to hear the differences between the Sherry Cask and how your Oak Bottle experiment came out. I’m still having difficulty noticing the spice hint and flavors both in smell and taste when enjoying rum. Does simply take time and more tasting to acquire? Finally, have you thought about using whiskey stones to cool your drinks instead of ice?
Great video as always and I look forward to the next!

Arborpress says:

Holy crap, the quality of the videos are amazing.

Brad Thomas says:

Very nice I love rum especially Sherry oak!!!

TonalDesigns says:

This video was the first uploaded on my birthday and it is about rum, which is my favourite drink, I approve. Thank you guys!

Spikes Productions says:

What are some of your favourite spiced rums? since Cpt Morgan clearly isn’t one of them

Jacob Hicks says:

can you do a Bacardi Oakheart and Cola premixed review

guitargirlsammie says:

I think Original Captain Morgan pretty much sucks. Try the 100 proof version of Captain Morgan Spiced. It seems a good bit better to me. I’m curious what you would think of it. As far as the “new” Captain Morgan flavored rums they punched them up to 70 proof instead of the standard 42 proof of the Parrot Bay line. There is a 90 proof Parrot Bay Coconut that I love to drink on the rocks! I have no clue if the flavoring is any different.:p

Ofordgabings says:

Smoky Oaky Rum ‘N Cokey

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