Climax AGED (?) Moonshine REVIEW! E-man Booze!

Finally, after 86 days of aging in a small 2L charred oak barrel, I am pleased to introduce what Climax Moonshine tastes like when it is aged the equivalent of just over one (1) year! Vanilla, caramel, toffee, anise and oak transform Tim Smith’s remarkable moonshine into a dynamite sippin’ whiskey! Happy New Years! Tim, you gotta make this! Pleeeeaassssee???!!!!


stimps90 says:

you want me to watch this? or shoot my phone??

Chris Potts says:

hahaha Hell Ya E-man

amaroudis says:

stick it in your backyard for like 20 years 🙂

stevelobiondo22 says:

watch on mute

guitarherochamp4 says:

Love your reviews for some reason, and your attitude is awesome. Great YouTube channel man.

terry abshire says:

hey e-man i have a pretty good connection with tim and climax moonshine and you look about my size, how would you like to own a pair of official tim smith climax moonshine liberty overalls that he wears? size 34×30 im selling on ebay item # 262782134069 enjoy e-man along with his new whiskey in the abc store

FUBAR ! says:

FYI….You trying to hard bud.

sellarsr123 says:

How many time can you reuse the aging barrel to age moonshine

Tom Jones says:

He’s from NEW YAWK city!!  Chaps my hide!!

denis torres says:

Perfect thanks for you tIme

Dennis Robinson says:

Sounds like a typical you know.

Michael Craig says:

Tim Smith’s moonshine hands down is the best moonshine on the Legal market!

Taylor_UMF_93 says:

I’d like to see the colour after 160-180 days.

Gravity Junky says:

You don’t want to age a half full barrel.

Jeff Brown says:

Curing the barrel is made most/more difficult, because the maker’s of these barrel’s do not apply enough barrel wax to the front sill in order to sell the user more of their product line….

Stephen Davidson says:

That’s awesome. I bet that really sweetened that whiskey up. Tim’s recipie is kindly a sour mash type of whiskey and in my opinon would be alot better if it was aged. I bet that peach and grape lightning would be epic after aging especially the peach lightning.

sam hunt says:

You need to try “Virginia lightning”, Chuck Miller at Belmont Farms in Culpepper Va. has been marketing his product since 1985 and was the first legal manufacture of moonshine in the US. He still does not use” sugar in his product and is the only true corn moonshine that i know of sold legally. At least do some research on it. He’s the real deal and has been doing it long before “reality” TV made this popular. Thanks.

Donny Payne says:

it’s not wine!

ain't that about a bitch!! says:

Well you are persistent. I’ll give you that. Nice follow up.

Jeff Brown says:

Hi yaw, E-man; if you paid say $30 for Climax and filled the age barrel. How much would you value / price it for after it’s aged. Yes I know it’s illegal to sell…..

Steve Abrahall says:

Tim’s got to take it to the next level Eman! … Make sure he sees this! I recon that building he made could on his property a few years ago be used for storing barrels! His shine is amazing but there is still lots more to play with – think about maturation in old port barrels?! Hmm….!

Jim Jax Media says:

very interesting sir; I really enjoyed this video. An amazing Idea that I think I’m going to try!! nice

gsu4life says:

is it me or goes this guy talk like, Foghorn leghorn

Aviator1047 says:

Hi E-man, been waiting for this review. Great job my friend!! Happy New Year!!!

deez nughtz says:

you need a good kick in the pussy

GoingWestMedia says:

Seriously, drop the fake accent. It makes your video unwatchable.

Only Record winner says:

That Guy is fucking anoying

Willbilly1991 says:

hey E man got a new sub here love your reviews. might i ask what parts you from love the accent.

Jeff Brown says:

Hi yaw, E-man; if you paid say $30 for Climax and filled the age barrel. How much would you value / price it for after it’s aged. Yes I know it’s illegal to sell…..


wow i must say in the bottle it looks very nice with the tag and all,,like a pro scotch single malt whisky,Tim really needs to do that

joxer cat says:

good man !. I’ve done the same over the years with poteen ( Irish moonshine ) and I have a 1ltr American white oak medium toasted barrel and a 3ltr eastern European oak barrel ,which produces a beautiful aged whisky . the thing you have to watch with the barrels is when they are not in use fill partly with warm water . this stops the barrel shrinking and the wood staves come loose and the metal hoops come off …or fill them with something else like sherry or wine . the barrel then takes on these profiles and this reflects in the aged whisky when next you run some off ..cheers for the review mate . Slainte beatha agus tainte  ( cheers good health and wealth ) Irish.

Jeff Brown says:

E-man, do you know why moonshiners dilute a 150 proof run down to 100 proof or lower? Is it law, taste, or profits???

Doug Martin says: does not exist

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