Cruzan 151 Rum + skoal/grizzly combo

Oh yeah, the dip tasted almost like timber wolf cool wintergreen but more spear in it haha


Jeff Gravell says:

Good to have you back!

Cowboy Dipper says:

hey you need to get Wally back in your videos if you can

Reaper Actual says:

I just tried this stuff for the first time tonight. I would advise against drinking it straight. But, if you want to drink it, it seems to pair really well with peach tea believe it or not. 1 shot of 151 and then about 6 or 7 ounces of tea and you can’t even taste the alcohol. It’s dangerous. It also pairs well with root beer. And I would imagine it would pair well with a more tropical juice like pineapple juice or something.

Wally Landy says:

ITS ALL IN THE FACE BABY..!!!! Throw that away!!!

Ryan Harrington says:

hay bro good review .hay grizzy has the special design cans out for the Camaro I’ve seen the flame cans for Grizzly Wintergreen Grizzly saying there’s other design cans out there have you seen any other ones and store

Zach LaFleur says:

Back when I was drinking, I have never had this brand of rum, but did something quite similar for my twenty first birthday! The one that I had was Bacardi 151 Proof Rum (it was so good that before I knew it, I had drank half of a fifth sized bottle, was really drunk, and still felt it at 9:30 the next morning)! There is one liquor that is stronger and it is Everclear 190 Proof Grain Alcohol (but not all states allow it to be sold because of obvious reasons), we weren’t one in Michigan in the early 1990s, but it was brought up to Big Rapids from someone from out of state, and one time we had it in a trash can with fruit, and other alcohol beverages (I got drunk fast off of that and had to have a ride back to campus all too soon from that party)!

kassidyginn says:

Yeah buddy

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