Cruzan Distiller’s Collection Review, Dark Light and Single Barrel

Welcome to Monday, the day of alliteration and spirit reviews. Today, we take a look at Cruzan Estate Diamond Light Rum, Cruzan Estate Diamond Dark Rum and Cruzan Single Barrel.

We move through the line of Cruzan rums and figure out where each would fit in a cocktail and how they work as the core spirit: rum.

Glencairn Glasses:


SennaFan says:

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skinnydingbag says:

Burgers and Fries 

stjoiner says:

new years eve

SS WAYS says:

White people sterio type is steamed carrots

Common Man Cocktails says:

+SennaFan (it won’t let me reply to you unfortunately b/c your account isn’t linked to G+), but… to do it anyway 🙂

I’m fairly certain every country has their fair share of stupid people, that’s for sure 🙂 Yeah, the “right to bare arms” is something you’d have to live here to understand and see what the US is like in the south and mid-western area. Some people still live on plots of land with dozens upon dozens of acres of land and continue to hunt/defend themselves with weapons. 

The funny part is, we do still hold up the values of 100 years ago and, take a look around you at all the religions that have been doing the same for 2000+ years. So, from a time period standpoint, we’re still young and stuck to what we believe is right, just like those that believe in a god, Jesus and other biblical figures 🙂

Mass shootings don’t really have to do with the right to bare arms as much as publicized events that are almost glorified, etc. I’m fairly certain, a few gun regulations could easily solve that, but as our country was founded on so many “checks and balances” to avoid any rapid change that can take over the government, that means we’re also the slowest to make changes at all 🙂 

JustOneAsbesto says:

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MrOrebore says:

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TheKidCannibal says:

beer. beer is what i hear as the main food in the us lol

Joseph Dopke says:

Y’all are so annoying for being the only channel on YouTube to review shit like this, but being shit reviewers. Can you guys shut the hell up and just review the spirits? Nobody cares about all the dumb side convo.

starshipfantastica says:

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Dave G says:

Had to buy single barrel today. Only $22.

kizzeykilc94 says:

Anything with cheese is what most people think about the USA

BDMellophone2011 says:

It looks like the glasses had a clear liquid in them before the alcohol was poured in them. Was it water? And what was the purpose of it? Sorry if these are dumb questions I am new to the alcohol scene as my 21st birthday was only 6 months ago.

FrancoTash says:

man i gotta try those cruzan rums. i saw them at bevmo for 7.99 for 750ml

Poodleinacan says:

In Quebec, Canada, we eat poutine.

locksley11 says:

best rum I’ve had.

Erik Nyström says:


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