Deadhead Rum | TMOH – Alco Review #22

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Information About This Product:

Producer: Iconic Brands Inc.
Product: Deadhead Rum
Type: Aged Rum
Location: Made by Iconic Brands Inc. in Veracruz, Mexico.
ABV: 40%
Rating: 80/100

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medieval46 says:

I got this for my Birthday In September- The notes I got from this is a Burnt sugar, Burnt molasses, Charred oak, Burnt rubber as in car tires-after adding a few drops of water I got an unexpected incense note of Nag Champa. Vanilla, Bourbon but all with a burnt hint to them. The color is beautiful. The taste is intense, if your a neat sipper this will prove challenging but not impossible. Those of you who like drinking Islay single malt peaty scotch whiskys will not have any problems with this Rum offering since it does have a strong smoky charred wood element to it. It is as the gentleman reviewing this says-A very boozy Rum. It will make great mixed drinks.

Ian Holmes says:

NIce review. It is some pretty over-the-top packaging. I would be amazed if this rum did not have color added as that color is way too dark for a 6y rum, unless it was finished in sherry casks or something like that. For rum recommendations I would suggest checking out Compagnie des Indes rum. They tell you everything you need to know about the rum on their website, including if it was colored, and if sugar was added, how much. Any rum from Jamaica, Barbados, or Martinique are also free from added sugar; there are exceptions however. Plantation for example ages and bottles rums from the Jamaica, and add sugar before bottling. El Dorado adds a ton of sugar to their rum, so if you do not mind that, then all good. Zacapa 23 is another example of ridiculously sugared rum. As far as I know, all independent bottlers do not add color, sugar, or anything else to their bottlings. This includes Cadenhead, Killdevil, and The Whisky Agency.

Can you tell I have an issue with rums with added sugar? 😉 Really, I just want to know when sugar and color have been added so I can make an informed decision.

Alex Villanueva says:

You have to try Padanama red. cheap and awesome

kaldrogo100 says:

Just bought Rum Nation Caroni 18 Y.O. so excited to try it. cheers!

Ryan from Iowa says:

The Rouge Brewing of Rums. Marketing masters for sure.

Jason Voorheese says:

look whose video pops up first in my search! master of molasses!

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