Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva – Full Review

Rum Raiders review Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva. Sweet!

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RUM! Because no great story ever started with lemonade.

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Nontouchable says:

hey what do you guys think of the “Esclavo” Rum from the domenican republic?
I found it to be one of the best price-quality ratio rums of the melasse kind.

Cig Smoker says:

How I describe Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva to people:
If you like Rum & Coke… (perhaps with a hint of spice but a far cry from being “spiced rum”). Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva neat is like a perfectly mixed, but flat, Rum and Coke without any actual Coke in it.

Great after dinner sipper… neat or on the rocks. I do not recommend mixing it, especially not with anything that is sweet, because it is already so sweet that any more can be overwhelming.
Definitely one of my favorites that not many know about… I’ve had the vintage 2002 (less sweet / more complex) and will get the Ambassador soon. But, I don’t expect anything to replace Diplomatic RE for the very particular void it fills in the rum market in my opinion.

J W says:


Chippy Tucker says:

I would not even consider drinking this rum on the rocks! Neat is the way to go, with this one! Cheers!

duc panigale says:

OMG…..what kind of glasses are you using……These are better suited for water.

Jean Carlos Peña Ruiz says:

Is not because I am Venezuelan, but honestly for me this is one of the best rum of the world if not in the top 3 list is not spicy by the way

HN Smith says:

Hi, I am wondering does Santa Teresa 1796 Solera rum that comes from the same country as Diplomatico Res. Excl. ; I like sweet taste Neat drink, so I am wondering do both Santa Teresa 1796 Solera and Diplomatico Res. Excl. have the same sweetness, or Santa Teresa 1796 is little or None sweetness ?. Please advise. Thanks.

pseiofosdrei says:

Well… this is one of the most overrated “rums” in the world. Why “rum”? Because it is not a rum. It is a rum based spirit. They add 41 grams of sugar/liter and glycerin to make it smooth. For the “great” taste they even blend it wit a liqueur from Venezuele and some other spices like vanillin. Try Appleton, if you like jamaican, or Barbados rum like Foursquare, Doorly’s or RL Seale.

Lee Macfarlane says:

after trying Diplimatico I had a suggestion of “Don Papa” just recieved my bottle and wow its unreal

richard muir says:

If I had to buy this rum after watching this video I would not. Shut video guys all poor descriptions. You need to help the view taste with trigger words like candied ginger, prune, caramel, cocoa. Diplomatico isn’t bad but had better

SKIPPY says:

Don’t mix with anything.

Vladimir S says:

As good as my favorite rum of all time pyrat rum

Pirate Bear says:

If you like wintergreen or root beer, you’ll like this one. It’s in that same direction of flavor, at least to me, and very very smooth.

Joao da Silva says:

The taste of seduction, chocolate vanilla and honey, “DIPLOMATICO RESERVA EXCLUSIVA” (green bottle) is the best rum I’ve ever tasted in my life, It’s not easy to find it, if you see it, buy it and try it, you will not regret it. Very very good

Motorvapour says:

This is my favourite rum- So juicy, sweet and flavourfull- not bitter, just a really nice drink neat.

Hemlock2323 says:

My favorite rum to drink straight.

BakiSmaki27 says:

This is dessert in a bottle. Almost borderline too sweet. I like it a lot though. Very rich and chocolatey. But not something I would drink on the regular. I think the reserva is a bit more balanced less sweet.

porsche911c says:

Just a little nitpick: it’s DISTILLED in copper pot stills, but it’s AGED in oak barrels.

Luis Yepez says:

Venezuela makes great rums, you guys should try Santa Teresa 1796 and Carupano Solera Centenaria

Rum man84 says:

Best RUM

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