El Dorado 12 Year Old Rum Review

Rum Raiders review El Dorado 12 Year Old Rum.

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RUM! Because no great story ever started with lemonade.

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Brandon Gerringer says:

I love this Rum. In NC it’s $34.95. North Carolina State taxes are apparently much more reasonable. After-tax this was still under $38. You can’t beat that for a rum of this quality. Good review gentlemen. Cheers!

Buddy Grimes says:

I have a bottle of Appleton Estate signature blend I was hoping for it to be a lot sweeter then what it was. I like sweet, and to me its just very floral and citrusy with spices I don’t enjoy it neat. I only barley like it as a rum and coke with maybe some orange. Ive heard the Appleton Estate reserve is a lot better. I was wondering if you guys could maybe compare the two in a video maybe. Also, do you recommend I try El Dorado 12.

The River Pirate says:

El Dorado Superior Dark Rum is also fantastic and easy to drink neat or on the Rocks. The 12 was ok, but surprised that I didn’t taste much difference from the 8. One of my co-workers who is from Guyana mentioned to me that sugar cane and the processing to make molasses is much better in Guyana than the most of the islands of the Caribbean. Doesn’t matter, still one of my favorite rums. I loved your review.

Felix Catora says:

You guys might like Bumbu. It’s like a spiced banana rum (from Barbados). ..A bit pricey, but SUPER TASTY!

Arman Ram says:

Lol it’s $27 at my job xD

BobSurf10000 says:

“Demara-rara” haha. The guy on the right is my favorite in these reviews, regardless of his mispronouncing things occasionally, because he often gives more information and specific flavors in his review. For example honey, oak, vanilla, caramel rather than just “its sweet” “it’s dry” “it tastes like alcohol”. In some of the reviews on here I feel like you guys are just pointing out the obvious and not getting Into enough detail. I’m not asking for an over analysis like some professional connoisseurs that no one can relate to either, but man sometimes watching is like having my teeth pulled. I want more Info about sugar contents, column vs pot stills, why the rum taste the way it does and how it compares to other rums. I guess I’m suggesting more research on your part and not just where the rum is from or awards it’s won. Additionally the dude in the middle, please loosen up this isn’t a job interview it’s supposed to be fun. Sorry to be a dick but take this as constructive criticism. I like the concept of your page and the graphics as well, the reviews can be better.

BobSurf10000 says:

Good example: What is Demerara?How does it taste vs other rums? How is the rum making process different? What are some other Demerara rums in comparison?

Walter Landaverde says:

rums to try:
Botran aged (8,12,18)
Zacapa XO
Cihuatan 12
Pyrat rum xo
Matusalem 12 and 15
Don Q grand añejo
Pussers Navy Rum 15 yr
Havana club 7 and 15
Havana club añejo especial dark rum
Let me know if u want more lol

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