El Dorado 15 Year Old Rum Review

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Captain Whisky says:

One of my favorites. Good stuff! Makes me think, it’s been like two years since I’ve done one of these.

Johnnie says:

I love this rum. It’s my go-to treat for myself. I sip this neat and I can’t believe my tongue can have an orgasm all by itself.

Jeremy H says:

Big fan of the entire El Dorado range; the 25 yr is elegance at it’s best

Lawrence Weiland says:

Joe, so happy to see you tasting ED 15! This was the first high end rum I ever tried a few years back and I was floored at how good it was–and still is. You captured all of its essence, I think; I’ll be looking for those Indian spices in my next bottle. Thanks for the rum review; great job, as usual.

peter white says:

Try and find Ron Cartivio XO from Peru, matches up against the ED 21 no problem. Also Plantation XO 20 Year Anniversary and Ron Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva are fantastic.
Ron Zacapa 23 mentioned below is right with these as well.

Sanford Hamby says:

Great review…Good change up. I have a Zaya 12 that I enjoy. Plus, I agree about Captain America. Absolutely amazing movie.

Welsh Toro says:

Hi Joe, Nice to see you branching out. I like the El Dorado 15 but it is a bit too sweet for my liking. Like many people I prefer the 12yo. Cheers

Dan E says:

I just purchased a bottle of El Dorado 15, have not opened it yet. Ralfy Mitchell @ Ralfy.com went wild for the 21 year-old. He also recommended the 15 &12 year old bottlings. I am enjoying a bottle of Ron Zacappa XO rum, amazing stuff!

Hogibaer says:

Thanks for the review, Joe! Nice rum to drink neat for sure. I find the sweetness to be kind of “indirect”, if you know what I mean. It is not wholly present at first like in many rums but develops over time. Other rums I enjoyed are definitely the Ron Quorhum 23/30 (solera). Both are equally good, the 23 more fruity and sweet, the 30 has more of these dryer spicy flavors. A shop owner said he prefers it over the Zacapa 23 nowadays as its quality has presumably went downhill after Zacapa changed to solera maturation. A good entry level rum for neat sipping remains Botucal/Diplomatica Reserva Exclusiva. Other than that I enjoy the occasional single cask, cask strength rum selected & bottled by my local dealer. 😉
Having said all of that, no rum has ever come close to the quality I find in good single malts. Those rums that most impressed me regarding to depth and complexity, ironically did so by entering single malt territory (e.g. some Caroni). Same with Cognac btw… 🙂

Kane Smith says:

El Dorado is heavily doctored, but it is delicious nonetheless. Plus their age statements on the labels indicate the youngest rum in the bottle, which is not legally required, so props to them. These days I gravitate toward more whisky-like, unadulterated rums (as opposed to the sugary mess that is Ron Zacapa, Zaya, or Diplomatico). Appleton 12 and older are simply amazing, Mount Gay XO, Pusser’s, Smith & Cross are some of my go to bottles. They can go head-to head with any other aged spirit.

Corey Martin - Big Poppa says:

Glad to see you venturing off the whisky path. El Dorado 15 is my favorite Rum to drink neat.
I would love to try the 21 year

Owen Davies says:

I’ve tried this rum and think it’s is a real nice rum

Whisky In The 6 says:

You should try the 21 year old El Dorado. Magic.

Nathan Redman says:

My first sipping rum. My wife and I both liked it. I am looking forward to trying more rum.

Tony says:

This is absolutely delicious and very very cheap too

tastes like an fresh sweet XO cognac

thug life says:

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