El Dorado 15 year old Rum Review. Whisky in the 6 #21

In Whisky in the 6 #21 I review El Dorado 15 year old rum. I take you through some of the things to look for when sampling this rum from Guyana. Rum is one of the more underrated spirits on the liquor market. Watch my review to find out why I think you should give El Dorado 15 year old a chance, as well as some of the other options the Demerara distillery produces.


Jason Voorheese says:

Hmm! I’ve tried my first Jamaican rum this week: Appleton VX. At first, I thought it was crap! The pungent smell took me by surprise, and was unlike anything else I’ve tried. Someone likened it to copper, and its supposedly a trade mark of the region. I prefer it to some of the more cloying examples I’ve tried in the past (mostly spiced), and am probably taking to it faster than say, Islay malts. And yes, we in North America are spoiled when it comes to rum, which gets overlooked!

steven khemraj says:

this is my go to rum easy

MrArcticShadow says:

Also you guys are paying way more for rum than you need to. You can find bottles of El Dorado 15 for around 20 USD (probably less).

Ajay Ali says:

Guyana big up!

Trespasser says:

This is quite a bit sweeter than the 12yo and I didn’t like it at first. still, it is very complex rum and it’s obvious better quality than most I have tried. Is it a good deal? Not really, if you ask me I would spend a few dollars more and get a really nice Scotch or Cognac.. far better imho…I like Havana 7 yo the most BUT I sometimes got some not so good ones. Too much batch variation. PS.. Have you tried doing a review BEFORE you get plastered ? 🙂

Breaking Bison35 says:

big fan of the 12. After watching this I went to the lcbo only to find out they no longer carry the 15 year ;(

Mission Impossible says:

Try Matusalem 15 (originally made in Cuba) currently made in DominicanRepublic.

Breal191 says:

I agree, I’ve been drinking the 12 and the 15 for the past 4 years. I thought they tested identical and chose to only buy the 12 as it was cheaper. About 2 weeks ago, I shared a bottle of the 12 at a cigar lounge with a friend. The next day we returned to the cigar lounge only this time with the 15. Both are very good rums, but I personally like the 12 slightly better as it is a bit sweeter. The 15 although extremely smooth, it packs a bit of a stronger punch than the 12. I think it’s really a matter of preference. I wasn’t really a liquor sipper until someone introduced me to the 15, so in that sense, it is certainly top shelf. Someone just gave me a bottle of 21 for Christmas. Im so lucky. I haven’t opened it yet.

Declan Walker says:

Got a bottle of el dorado 5 years, very shit, not really drinkable straight

Trespasser says:

PPS You don’t have to spend > $100 for a good bottle of scotch. Pick up the Grant’s 18 yo for $15 more.. It’s so much better, you’ll never waste money on overpriced rum again. Chivas 18 still under $100.. drink as much as you can while it lasts. Years ago I was drinking Glenlivet 18yo, such a bargain at $90, now it’s double the price and out of my price range, but who cares, the 2 I mentioned are as good.

GT Violinist says:

U look drunk before u took a sip. And my country guyana is in south america. But we are apart of CARICOM thats why were considered caribbean.

ravizub says:

Best rum you can find. lol Guyana is located in South America but has all the culture like the Caribbean

Jeremy H says:

Summerhill had the 25 on their tasting wall; and it was epic! If you ever see Ron Millionario XO in your travels (it wont be at the LCBO) get it! It is by far the best rum ive ever had.


dee va says:

Guyana is actually in SOUTH AMERICA.

Trespasser says:

One more observation about what to look for when you compare drinks. I get a headache when I drink the 12 yo, but not the 15yo – obviously a difference in the quality of the spirit. Just as well, if you take the cheaper whisky blends and compare them to the more expensive malts, there’s a big difference in how you feel after drinking them. It’s not all about taste and smell.

Slash 12 says:

Nice review but, this has a little too much burn for me probably because i’m new to sipping rums.Could you possibly name a few that are easy to drink for beginners? I’ve tried the Diplomatico which was very easy to drink but was more like a liqueor rather than a traditional rum.Thanks

DJ MVP says:

One of the best rum from caribean island is Barbancourt 5 star, Haitian rum. But I have to agree Eldorado rum is very good

Sadeek Mohamed says:

The 50 year is really really expensive which is about us$2500 a bottle and it have Guyana gold on it.

joycelyn matabadal says:

Im from demarara guyana..comes in 5,7,10,12,15,21,25 ,50 n soon 100 year old

Kameela Hays says:

Being Guyanese I am wholly biased but you chose well with the 15 year old El Dorado.Liquid gold in a bottle.Liked your review. Looks like you enjoyed the tasting.Mmm. Cheer

Craig Sinclair says:

$NZ 86 here in New Zealand for the 15 year old.

Habberjeepguy E says:

I like the Havana 7 year old Cuban rum very nice, the one you tasted have not tried as of yet.
Try to do reviews for Gin Tequila Vodka also

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