Havana Club Añejo Classico Rum Review | Puerto Rican Rum

Today we do a havana club anejo classico rum review with Bacardi’s version of “Havana Club” made in Puerto Rico (not Cuba). If you love rum reviews and you’re a rum lover, state tuned for our tasting notes!

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Havana Club Puerto Rican Rum comes in a couple ages, blanco and, this one, anejo (classico). We found the havana club anejo classico a lightly sweet rum with some nice molasses notes that doesn’t go out of its way to be too smooth or refined, but does take the edge off the standard aged (light) rum. We paid about $22 (on sale) for this bottle and later, after the review, went back and got more.

Everyone that tasted it (roughly five or so people after the review) really fell for Havana Club Añejo Classico–it turns out to be a winner for the average rum fan. No, it may not be from Cuba, but Bacardi’s Havana Club does not displease on the taste buds.

Unless you’re a die hard “Havana Club must come from Havana Cuba”, and can’t get by the fact that Bacardi bought the original Cuban recipe to design their own product, than you’re going to want to check out this variety of the Bacardi brand.

In any case, tasting Havana Club Anejo Classic was worth the price of admission and we’d do it again and again if we get the opportunity.

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anbu tiz says:

Love the rums from my island Puerto Rico lo hace mejor

Prototype oZ says:

Here as always to drop my likes

StrangeLibations says:

That is not the real stuff from Cuba. It is made by Bacardi. j/k. I have not tried the anejo classico but have tried the blanco and it makes a decent daiquiri. Merchants Reserve is a great product, btw. I am going to have to visit my local liquor store(s) this weekend and see if they still have Havana Club in stock. It is worth having in the bar.

TheRichie213 says:

Do they sell the yellow and red havana club in U.S. or do you have to order it?

teijeiro74 says:

Actually that version of Havana club is made in Puerto Rico and it taste just like bacardi. The don’t sell authentic Havana club rum in the US. The original version is made in Cuba and is smoother, you can actually sip it.

Shane B says:

I’ve never heard of blending light and dark for a Mai Tai, good excuse to pick up both of these!

llcoolmartine says:

So this is the Havana Club which is not really Havana Club….?

truetype80 says:

It’s an ok rum, just tasted like Bacardi. ($20)Would rather buy another rum in the same price range or even lower, like don Q anejo ($10)

Carson Seeley says:

Just an FYI, Bacardi Havana Club is the “real” Havana Club – the original recipe from the Archabala family. Havana Club was created and produced in Cuba by the Arechabala family in 1934. In 1960, the Castro government confiscated without compensation the family company and the family was forced to leave Cuba. The government took everything EXCEPT for the Havana Club secret recipe. Fast forward to the 1990’s, the Castro government increased production of Havana Club in Cuba and its export worldwide except in the US. This is like selling stolen property. During the same time, the Archeabala family sold the secret recipe to Bacardi to produce it in Puerto Rico and we now sell it in the US. – – – I am a Bacardi Promotional Specialist 🙂

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