Havana Club Rum

My haul of Havana Club rums plus a taste of each. 3 Years, Anejo Especial, 7 Years, Seleccion, and 15 years.


Rhian Rodrigiez says:

You sound drunk.

Nathan Gregg says:

Just came back from Canada with four bottles of the 7 year. They didn’t have 15 year, otherwise would have gotten that.

Real quick, your pronunciation of everything was very good but especiál is Eh-speh-see-all.


U.S.A. Customs allows 2 liter to bring back

JRH in K Town says:

The 7 year is the best one in my option

D5quared91 says:

Taking shots? Gay, if it’s good rum you sip it homie.

DFSMoneyTeam says:

Just got back from Havana and the Anejo Blanco is actually the cheapest. Tastes pretty bad straight lol

Noah Patterson says:

I’m so jealous. Only get to drink this when I go to Europe or Asia.

Brian Henderson says:

Great review. I visited Cuba in May and still haven’t opened my bottle of Selección de Maestros, which I purchased for $40 CUCs while on a cigar and rum tour.

jlporter12 says:

Do they sell pure white Hennessey in TJ? If so what is the price?

Kohl423 says:

The best and perhaps one of the strongest Cuban rums is the 12 year old Santiago. Quite difficult to obtain now without spending a LOT of money. Until recently I had at least one bottle in my collection but inevitably if you like rum you will drink it, and I did.During my last visit to Cuba they were doing an 11 year old which I did not try so I cannot comment on that one, The Cuban people regard Santiago rum as the best. As for the Havana Club brand the 3 year old white rum is perfect for Mojitos or mixers. The darker Anejo Special is a good general sipping rum with plenty of taste. The 7 year old is excellent with plenty of Coffee and caramel notes and for most Cuban rum fans I would definitely recommend that one. As for the 15 year old and beyond I cannot say. If you can afford them then you do not need my opinion about them. Suffice to say that as a general rum fan I would recommend Cuban rums as being among the best you might try and if you get to Cuba you will be in rum heaven!

barry graham says:

I always get a bottle myself when in Mexico too

Ballena Blanca says:

Remember the “H” in Spanish is silent! Nice try though.

Nicola Dellino says:

Nice video

Kevin De melo says:

Amazing Video

Jesse Mora says:

Good stuff man

David Andrews says:

The 3 Anos beats any white rum in the US. I would never mix it. Really, any of the Cuban HC line beats US-available, and – screw top or not – should not be undervalued. Or mixed. Only the Jamaican Appleton varieties are competition in the US, but as a different style of rum.

mr big says:

You should try some Ron zacapa

Ramona Leigh B says:

When I was in Cuba at an all inclusive resort they kept serving me Havana club 3 white rum with a lime slurpy which was bloody delicious!

Nelson Ruiz says:

How much cost anejo especial¿

A.J. Smith says:

I noticed you poured the rum then went right in for the sip, and called the first one “stingy.” I know you said you’re not a professional, but rum, like any fine sipping alcohol needs to breathe. Pour your glass, then let it rest for between 5-10 minuets first, then enjoy. The spirit needs the air to allow it to open up, otherwise it will be “stingy” and alcohol forward.

YetiTime says:

Sounds like John Goodman

ericking1000 says:

I just got the 7 yr havana club… should I drink it straight or with coke what do u suggest. This is a real treat from my fam In Cuba and I want to drink it perfectly the 1st time….

jlporter12 says:

How much is the 15 anejo and the seleccion?

The Bully says:

This man is drunk!!! I like this guy

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