Havana Club Triple Barrel Aged Rum. Whisky in the 6 #311

6 reviews the famous Havana Club Maestro Rum. This is a Triple Barrel aged selection from the Havana Club. Check out what Rob thinks in the video.


The Party Source Reviews says:

This is an absolutely stellar bottle. So very different than what we get here in the states. Thank you for doing this review. Cheers, -J.O.

The Mash and Drum says:

Very timely you did this review. I just got a bottle of a 20 year Plantation rum aged in ex-bourbon casks. I got it as a gift and now I’m really curious how this stuff tastes. Great job! Cheers.

Jenny James says:

Hi Rob, I so need some of this poured over a dish of Vanilla Ice Cream, mmmm! and I am so serious, yummy! x Oh Thanks Peter 🙂

Dylan Northrup says:

It’s a really great rum! One of my favourites. I’ve had a few bottles now from different years, and all excellent. As for the barrels, Havana Club sources Wild Turkey Bourbon Barrels which I believe goto Spain before Cuba.

Tom R says:

One day I will try a Cuban rum. Until now I enjoy all the other rums available to me. Thanks for the review Rob!

Владимир Комаров says:

Great review. I’ve only tried Havana Club 7. I enjoyed it. It was the best rum from what I”ve tried before. But I have to admit that I had only a few rums before. And that rum reminded me cognac too.

peter white says:

There is speculation that this is around 12 years old, replaced the old Barrel Proof which used to be available at the LCBO. The 15 year HC is really over priced in Cuba at around $150 US. I used to see it down there at $75 but always passed. I was gifted another bottle so this one was expendable 🙂

Jason Fisk says:

Sounds awesome. My girl brought a bottle of this back from Cuba earlier this year. Can’t wait to tie into it! Cheers Rob.

Brian Page says:

I agree on the ABV issue, not just for rum but for most, if not all spirits, some of the rum producers bought their product down to 35% too. very unfortunate

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