Kirk and Sweeney 23 Year Rum Review

Rum Raiders review Kirk and Sweeney 23 Year Rum.


Music by Ross Bugden – Pirate Crew

RUM! Because no great story ever started with lemonade.

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Prophesier says:

Will you guys be uploading again.. ? I miss your videos!

Jim Goldstein says:

I started watching your recommendations. First off, nice job. I tend to over analyze things and research everything. Listening to you all and others on you tube on rums speak to sweetness etc. I looked into sugar contents. There are a couple of sites I found that speak to sugar being added to rums to make them more palatable to drinkers. I must admit that while I don’t totally understand the analysis, they do it by suger per liter. For example, the El Dorados have about over 30/l. The Diplomat reserve exclusivo has 41/L which is really high. Same with the so-called Z rums like Zapaca, Zapa. I tend to not use sugar in tea or coffee so that got me interested. I ended up getting the Flor De Cana 18 which has 8/L added sugar. I like it and I put it on a cube. Maybe I would like the ED or Zacapa better but I prefer not to get all that sugar added. Maybe this is something if you all could research would be an added feature to tell viewers so they know. That would distinguish you all also from others. In any event, really nice work on your reviews. Jim

Beliachi Crypto says:

Missing your videos! Wanted to request for you all to review the Ron Zacapa XO Centenario. I know getting Rums is expensive for you guys so I understand if you are away for a while. Thank you, enjoyed the vids while they lasted and only just came across your channel!

BobSurf10000 says:

Interesting rum indeed and one of your better reviews IMHO. You guys are getting better as you try more and more rum. I tried this around Christmas time when I was lucky enough to get a bottle as a gift…mind you there is no sugar added to this rum at all…I found the same predominant vanilla flavor, some oak, and maybe what tastes like some younger fruit flavor like fresh pears or something. On the back end however there was still the taste from the K&S 12 year (which I didn’t like at all) that I sort of had to ignore in order to enjoy this one. I would describe that taste as a very Agricole like natural rum taste, but one that I only ever previously tasted in another DR rum which is Brugal Anejo. To specify, it almost taste like a tropical dew or the way it smells in the tropical rain forest, earthy, funky, like sweet tropical rain if you will. Weird I know, but that’s what it reminds me of. My only criticism is to pay closer attention to sugar contents in what your drinking, it will also help you guys to better understand your palette and true rum quality. Cheers!

tackiestbug says:

I need you guys to do a mission and find a Puerto Rican Rum called “Ron del Barrilito” which translates to “Rum from the barrel” and get yourself a 3 star label bottle which is the more aged one from 6 to 10 years in charred oak barrels compared to the 2 star that is aged for like 3 years, this is a rum that avoids mass marketing because they do like 14,000 bottles a year and don’t want to mass produce and you can only find this Rum when you’re introduced to it with a recipe that traces back to the 1880 it is one or perhaps the most beloved rum in Puerto Rico there is still another rum that is said to be the best one from P.R. Which is “Trigo Reserva añeja” that I haven’t tried yet. My biggest reason of wanting you guys to review said rum it’s because there is not a single review of it in youtube.

bluuughhh says:

This channel is awesome. Nice reviews, cool guys, good setting. Keep it up boys.

Louis Macchia says:

Excellent Rum but I’m still a Pussers 12 year old Royal Navy rum which is almost perfect . When will you review the Pussers lines of rum . They are all very good

MicuPlay says:

Nice, I will rty also to see how is it,

eliseo_rvr says:

Maybe you guys could try Jonah’s Curse? I like it way better than Kraken. It vaguely reminds me of El Dorado 12.

Prophesier says:

You guys should totally do more reviews, I love these!

Noah Patterson says:

Any chance y’all could do a Havana Club 7 year and Pussers?

Brad Toast says:

Just got a bottle for $40 in Indiana. Wonderful rum.

Nathan Djuka says:

Hey guys thanks for the recommendations,can you review 2 rums for me they are the Ron zacapa XO and Pyrat XO,I will be keeping an eye on this channel,thanks

michael claisse says:

you guys rock! i hope you get back to it soon!

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