Kraken Black Spiced Rum Review

Release the Kraken!


Music by Ross Bugden – Pirate Crew

RUM! Because no great story ever started with lemonade.

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3DFX says:

@00:47 “allright let’s crack the Kraken!” Bought loads of this before but probably bought over 10 bottles in all, so got fed up with it in long term. Might come back sometime to it though. My personal favorites at the moment are: El Dorado 8 & 12 year old and off course Ron Zacapa 23 Year Old (which is seen as among the worldsnfinest Rum by many) But its a tad over the priceclass that im happy to pay for (most often). But absolutely worth to try at special occasions… 🙂

Motorvapour says:

Lovely for a mass produced rum- Before I watch the video i’m sipping some now with some diplomatico- The Kraken, Vanilla, chocolate, creamy, toffee- so many nice flavours in there- Cheers!

Syok says:

yup we’re gonna cut the part where we try it, fantastic idea.

Motorvapour says:

If you can get soem Captain morgan private stock- Its well worth a try

aeron bailey says:

I’m a fan of rum, specially dark rum. Found the Krakken and tried it. I am in love with the smooth flavor. I like to mix it with cherry Pepsi and better yet, the cherry vanilla pepsi. So I started collecting the bottles, now 15 to 20 bottles later, I still continue to enjoy this drink. Bottoms up!! says:

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outlaws9295 says:

Personally, I enjoy drinking Kraken neat. To me, it tastes somewhat like Jägermeister, which isn’t a bad thing at all since I love the taste of straight Jäger.

Konkin Can Do says:

Nice review! LMAO “release the Kraken!’ I typically prefer light rums, but still appreciate Kraken from time to time. We just did a blind taste test on 3 light rums and want to do dark rums next. Have any other recommendations? Cheers!

The River Pirate 13 says:

I have actively avoided Kraken rum. Lol. When the guys at the liquor store steered me away from Kraken I knew the feedback from other customers they were getting wasn’t positive for this rum. Your review just reinforces it for me. Good review.

Yon Borthwick says:

I’m really appreciating the non-nonsense, honest reviews you guys are putting out there. Too many reviews on youtube try to cover up things that they don’t like, and some are too up themselves that they wont think about how a rum like this might just go with ginger beer. Keep up the good work fellas.

LightSpeed444 says:

Now that is the type of audio quality i like on a video, great review!

cal m says:

Kraken is only good in zombies

Prophesier says:

0:49 HE WAITED SO LONG TO SAY THAT, HAHAH. Good review guys, love it, I personally like.. a really sweet, vanille taste. Which rum would you guys prefer the most? Looking at your guys’s reviews I think I’ll have to go with the El Dorado 12 years, but if you guys have another recommendation. Please tell me! 🙂

JD Gatlin Jr says:

The way they make the kraken in Mexico it’s a 5…. it’s 10 times better then what’s here in the states…. have you guys tried the black label that’s 35%?

Warren Smith says:

This is my first rum, want to try more. My next bottle will be an El Dorado 12, will I notice the difference?

Dayno says:

Cool, you guys read my mind… Was eager to hear your taken on the Kraken! Had some with pineapple juice as I watched the video, great job by the way 🙂 Do any of you drink scotch?


im shit faced rn

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