My Rums Video #1 of 1

So I finally got around to my rums. At the time of this video, my total rum count stood at 48, since then I’ve grown it to over 72.

As of 8-11-2012, my current bottle count stands at 888 total bottles. I have 540 different ones on the bar & another 348 in back stock. I’m a Certified Specialist of Spirits and I’ve been actively researching & collecting for the last 18 years. What started as a small basic bar has transformed (with the help & understanding of my wonderful wife) into what I think is a pretty nice collection. Thank you for looking and sharing in my hobby.

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Mr. Sotack says:

You have a nice collection for sure, that being said, it is no where near complete without El Dorado! I’ve tried almost all the rum you have present here and some others. El Dorado is in a league of its own. Obviously the 21 is amazing, but so are the 15 and 12. The 12 in particular at under $30 here in NY is an exceptional value. I’m confident in saying the El Dorado 12 has no peer at its price. Anyway, cheers!

LiquorHound says:

Venezuela creates some great rums, but my favorites would be Ron Pampero Anniversario, Santa Teresa 1796 and Diplomático Reserva Exclusiva.
Good luck and cheers!

Key Killer 74 says:

Great collection !!! love the Pyrat cask 23 🙂 I just bought a bottle of Pyrat XO Reserve today, just by looking at the two bottles you have I see the big difference in color it gives off. Maybe down the line Patron will bring back, the true great taste 🙂

Kelly Williamson says:

Very nicely presented!

Ravi Shankar says:

Old Monk is missing!

peter white says:

The Barcadi  Reserva Limitada is readily available at the LCBO but at $120/bottle. ED21 is $110/bottle and RZ23 is $79 so the Barcardi will sit around and hopefully get discontinued at the LCBO which will mean a price reduction.

Maybe you would consider a Rum review with some top shelf Rums.

yannick desjardins says:

wow, congratulation for your collection. I have a collection of 132 bottles since i found you first video. You are a true insparation for me. What do you think about plantation rums, eldorado 15 years rums, and santiago 12 years cheers!

Riel Padron says:

Bacardi silver is awful.

Joao da Silva says:

The taste of seduction, chocolate vanilla and honey, “DIPLOMATICO RESERVA EXCLUSIVA” (green bottle) is the best rum I’ve ever tasted in my life, It’s not easy to find it, if you see it, buy it and try it, you will not regret it. Very very good

bumzilla 85 says:

So many bottles of joy

Jake Sandlin says:

Say I’m on a budget and I want to buy one rum just for sipping, which do you suggest? Preferably not too hard to find.

Thomas Byg says:

Not sure what the point is to see things I probably can’t find…

2n ouellet says:

malade men tres complet manque juste des Plentation nice job!

Joe kle says:

Im going to the mount gay rum distillery next week. Do you have any advice for me on rums that I can use when tasting?

Louis Macchia says:

Wow nice collection but no Pussers Red Label or Mount Mourant or St James or Smith and Cross

Carlos H. Bieberach says:

Hi, any reviews on the Barceló 30 and the Diplomatico Ambassador ? thanks

Seattle206723 says:

Liquour Hound! I have a question for yah. The Ron Zacapa Rum is available in my area, and I would like to know which one is the better neat sipper? 23 or XO? The price points are $39 & $82 respectively.

Caesar Roldan says:

Hey, Liquor Hound. I’ve recently decided to start adding to my liquor collection and someone recommended ‘Ron Viejo De Caldas’ imported from Colombia. I was brought to believe that it’s something of a standard in Colombia and was wondering if you’ve heard of it or tasted it and what’s your take on it and is it worth the investment. Beforehand, I’d like to thank you for taking the time to answer my question if you decide to do so. I really enjoy your videos. Keep up the good work!

Jeremy H says:

Have you tried Ron Millionario XO? It is by far the best sipping rum I have ever had.

yannick desjardins says:


LiquorHound says:

I do have Barbancourt 15 and enjoy it. The Barbancourt rums disappeared from our shelves for a few years while they got some of their distillation practices refined, but they’re showing up more and more now.

Roberto Torres says:

Ron del Barrilito! Both 2 or 3 stars! Great and good price!

jj l says:

kuźwa co za zlewki? to na jeża porannego chyba

yannick desjardins says:

wow amazing collection. Since i watch your video, ive buy 132 bottles. You are a true inspiration for me. What do you think about the eldorado 15, the plantation rum and the diplomatico reserva. cheers

Juopuneet Maakravut says:

Do you have Brugal extra viejo? man that rum is good!

Kalai Selvi says:

Where is the Old Monk bro??

Carlos H. Bieberach says:

Hello, I found a bottle of Pyrat Cask 23 , it was not easy, lucky me, cheers

Bourbonist_ _ says:

I really loved seeing your collection. Its truly amazing. Please review more rums for your rum loving fans and viewers. Thanks for all you do.

Sapan Jani says:

Wow…nice collection bro…hope to cheers with u someday..good luck…

XXXEspio says:

If you bump into a bottle of Zafra 21 years old panama rum i highly recommend you pick one up, delicious stuff ! Diplomatico, Zacapa and Zafra, my top 3 right there…

fernando sanchez says:

Dictator rum?

Mr Happy Guy says:

You must try Bumbu rum. Best ever!!

SuperNuela says:

I’m d future sommelier searching for the best Venezuelan rum ever, what should i buy according to your judge? thank you, I subscribed!

Chris Mills says:

What are your thoughts on Kirk and Sweeney’s 23 year old? I’m typically a bourbon drinker, with most of my rum experience taking place in college with capt morgan hence not the best, but recently have had a chance to try the Kirk and Sweeney’s 23 year old and was completely surprised with what rum, specifically longer aged rum, could offer!

a says:

What did you think of Ron Matusalem?

Junior says:

No English Harbour 1981?
No El Dorado 21yr Special Reserve?No Brugal Siglo De Oro?

Jack Tafler says:

u should get el dorado

DJLimez says:

What’s your take on kraken rum?

Ruben Herrera says:

What’s ur opinion of Captain Morgan Private Stock?

Camelo Yhap says:

Nice collection, No El Dorado?

jk says:

Old monk best of the best

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