National Rum Day – Appleton Estate 21, 30 & Master Blenders’ Legacy Reviewed

For National Rum Day I decided to review the Appleton Estate Rums from Jamaica. We nose and taste the 21 year old, Master Blenders’ Legacy (a blend of 18-30 year old rums) and the very rare 30 year old.
As of 8-14-13, my current bottle count stands at 1116 total bottles. I have 715 different ones in the bar & another 401 in back stock. I’ve now been actively collecting for the last 19 years and what started as a small basic bar has transformed (with the help & understanding of my wonderful wife) into what I think is a pretty nice collection.
Thank you for watching and sharing in my hobby.


LiquorHound says:

Rum is going to be sweeter than Whisky since most are distilled from molasses. Coming from Whiskies, I’d suggest you try Mount Gay Extra Old first. Ron Zacapa 23 is great & regarded as one of the best currently available, but it is sweeter than Mount Gay Extra Old so I’m not sure if your Whisky palate will acclimate. The mass produced rums like Bacardi & Capt. Morgan are not sippers & mostly enjoyed with Cola. Like Whisky, there are many different styles of Rum so find the one you enjoy.

Steven Lizza says:

Is rum the next bourbon and if so what is the pappy of rum? Do you see the bourbon bubble ever bursting?

smoothswinging14 says:

thanks for a great review.

Stealthmachin3 says:

What are your thoughts on Mount Gay Black Barrel? I was considering picking up their XO, but I saw a 10$ difference in price and just went with Black Barrel. I’m very new to rum, but I’ve only heard good things about the brand.

G3ekbox says:

You’re right. A very old spirit like a 30yr old can suffer the “flat coke” effect. The carbonation is gone but you can taste the ingredients more. Thus making it boring. And Who likes flat drinks??

cocktailzombie says:

I easily found the masters blenders legacy but i live in Japan.

LiquorHound says:

I’ve thought about scoring spirits but I always felt scores are so subjective that I never bothered (I may in the future though). As for your favorites and the 21 year old, I wouldn’t say that the 21 is superior to the El Dorado 21 or Zacapa 23. It may be equal to them given it has a bit more complexity, but the warmth and spice of it keeps me from recommending it over them. I think you’ll love the Appleton MBL and I’d like to see them do away with the thin screw caps as well.

TheJusnic82 says:

hey if you are rich enough to mix why not have half million dollar 60 year old whisky’s with coke while your at it….but if you want to actually taste the rum and taste the spirit to the fullest you might want to not add cola.  Add a dash of water and drink er how she sits, neat, clean, great legs and full of flavour 🙂

silverforthepeople says:

Hello Liquorhound. I’ve been a whisky drinker and am totally new to rums. I wanted to ask what would be a good rum for beginners. I went to my liquor store right after I saw this video and found mount gay, pyrat xo, zacapa 23, captain morgans, etc. I was gonna grab small 50ml bottle of captain morgan just to see how rums taste like but just came home without getting it so that I could get your opinion. Thanks!

Bielawg says:

Thanks for the review. Have you ever considered scoring them as well?

Just a question, do you feel buying that Appleton 21 Year Old is worth $125(750ml)? For reference I can pick up Appleton 12 for about $25(1L), Zacapa 23 for $45(1L) and El Dorado 21 for $60(700ml), all of which are among my favorite rums. I have not tried the Appleton MBL yet (which I can get for $90(750ml)) but I’m sort of waiting for them to upgrade the bottle design like they did with the Appleton 21.

Jason Clokes says:

Liquor hound is funny man. He says wow to everything. You can always tell when someone loves what they do.

Rob Beahn says:

Anyone know who would ship Master Blenders Legacy to me in the states? I have looked everywhere and had no luck. I was even going to make a road trip up to Windsor, Ontario and pick some up at the LCBO but it looks as though they stopped carrying it as if the first if the year.

TheJusnic82 says:

ive never even seen the 30 year old here or I would probably buy it considering Appleton is my favourite rum.

Im a whisky drinker, but when it comes to rum I just love Appletons it has such a unique taste and more importantly isn’t TOO sweet like 99% of rums

TheJusnic82 says:

that Dunder Mifflin

Aussie DIYFK says:

sipping on the 12 yo Appleton and taste really nice and smooth, I actually like it more than the Havana club maestro selection but it doesn’t give me that subtle drunk sublime feeling that the maestro does I would love to taste the 30, I think with age its like slow cooking a stew the more it brews the more it mellows and brings the resonating major factors into it. love your work mate and devotion to the fruits of the gods, cheers

Ashley grant says:

I drink the basic Appleton, can’t justify the more pricey blends. great rum though.

LiquorHound says:

The Mount Gay Black Barrel will be a bit bolder than the XO, but I don’t think you could have gone wrong with either. My first sipping rum was Mount Gay XO and I feel that’s a great place to begin. Mount Gay’s style has a nice balance of traditional flavors, sweetness and nice complexity for the price. You may want to follow it up with a sweeter rum to see which style you prefer more. Ron Zacapa 23 and Zaya 12 are big favorites among enthusiasts and would fit that bill.

Fran Yaj says:

Yes i understand that its a great rum …but I hate it when people say that its only meant to sip and not mix…I mean if you already know how its suppose to taste..shoot I’ll mix it up…COKE and PYRAT CASK 1623 tonight

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