Plantation Barbados 20th Anniversary XO Rum

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Sandring says:

I enjoyed the rum very much. It was of course smooth and tasty. Caramel flavours dominated for me. Alas it is too sweet to keep drinking on the regular.

Alex Smith says:

Hey Rob, I’ve been looking to purchase a rum for my dad for christmas and I am really torn on what to get him. I was wondering if you had any suggestions priced around $80, I was thinking between Plantation Barbados 20th Anniversary XO Rum, Angostura 1824 Aged 12 Years Rum and the Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva Rum. Any input or opinion would be greatly appreciated!!! I’m also from Ontario, which may limit what is available:(

SomeMightSay says:

getting this one in a week, can’t wait

VibeXplorer says:

Really enjoyed your review. Bought this today for $42 (Boston area). My most expensive rum purchase yet. Sipping it as I type this. It lives up to all the reviews I read beforehand. This is lush, delicious, substantial, beautiful, smooth. And, yes, the bottle is epic! Top notch rum. Pairing it with a Dominican maduro cigar.

Alex Karbs says:

Great review. How would you compare it to Plantation Barbados 2001?  I’ve been drinking the 2001 for a while and really enjoy it. I’ve been wanting to try the 20th Anniversary but grab the 2001 every time.

Владимир Стрекалов says:

One of the best rums I have tried.

Maddolis says:

Really enjoyed this review.
Just wondering, if this is one of your top 5, what would the other four be?

Jeremy Lee says:

You mention this is in your top 5 rums, what are your top 5?

peter white says:

Picked up a bottle today, fairly limited here in Ontario. (Your review made me pull out my wallet and drop the $76 CDN.

This may be the best Rum I have ever tasted. Like drinking the Tropics in a glass.

My new favorite sipping Rum, luckily it is so sweet that 1 or 2 small glasses is all I can handle.

If you see Berry’s Caribbean Selection XO at barrel strength (92 proof) give it a try as the Distillery they used to source the Rum in gone so that is the end of it. Different taste but really good stuff.

Brugal 1888 is nice as well.

peter white says:

Finally hit the LCBO again. Will be picking up a bottle on Monday as no LCBO in my area has it.
Sipping Berry’s Caribbean XO from Trinidad, D listed down to $55 here and coming in at 46% ABV. Said to be in the 14-16 year range. Different taste but really sweet with a big punch.
Give it a try if you have not tasted it yet.

Gail Sack says:

Is there a rum that you would recommend over Ron Zacapa XO? Is it worth fwiw the price tag. Thanks

senapsturken says:

lovely review sir! My favorite rum, by far. What do you think about the “Plantation Grande Reserve” ?

Trespasser says:

Rum gets a bad rap because there’s so much awful stuff out there, at least 90% of what sells is c.rap. Takes real skill and cost to produce something worth drinking, to leave out the myriad of unwanted byproducts and flavors.. It’s easy to see how distilling wine (=>cognac) or beer (=>whisky) more easily results in a better drink than distilling sugar syrup.

Graeme Franklin says:

Best rum I have had….

tytai25 says:

Just bought a bottle for my dad.. He’s a Barbancourt drinker so I hope he enjoys this

Geir Wickstrøm says:

Saw 11 secounds of this. You can’t start a video with a pirate accent in my opinion.

Joe Shit the Rag Man says:

Just bought it, can’t wait to try it out later

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