Plantation Rum Review

Today we review Plantation Rum, the 1996 Trinidad rum, the 3 Star, 5 Year, and Original Dark. All three get a tasting in this plantation review.

This is the rum of choice that we discovered for the first time at Tales of the Cocktail 2014. Now, just before we leave for the 2015 event, we’ve got a wide array of samples to use on the show. Great times!

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Joshua Kleiner says:

At 45% I might throw a splash of water in it. Some of the aged rums you can kinda treat like scotch that way.

peter white says:

You may want to try the XO 20th Anniversary,spectacular. My personal favorite. The Plantation Guatemala is really good at half the price of the 20.


Zach Trost says:

New camera? Seems like the FPS are smoother

RobZ231 says:

Great review as always. I’m not the hugest fan of rum but this is a exception!

Brad Thomas says:

Love rum!!!

GiantKillerRiCh says:

So guys; seeing as Wimbledon just finished, I was wondering if you guys had any interesting cocktails for the British classic Pimms?

Try Th says:

Thanks for this! Looks like 3 star will be what I’ll be switching over to when my last couple of 10 cane runs out.  I’d probably pick up a bottle but I’ve already bought too much in the last few weeks!  So many bottles bought and none finished. You guys have made me an collecting addict!

Jeremy H says:

Good review, Ive only had the Plantation 20th Anniversary, it’s a great sipper !

spacetoast99 says:

i wear my dashiki pretty regularly. especially in the summer

raul pernia says:

Subnormales/ anormales

Brockton Brown says:

You should do a review of the Botran family of rums.

spacetoast99 says:

all your wow references lately are making me miss it so much hahaha

Matt Schwanda says:

You should do the rum bracket this month.  It could be Common Man Cocktails March Madness.

fidencio garza says:

A punch bowl full of adios motherf*cker. Just to be sure I’m freakin trashed before I ride the lightning. Or a white Russian if I’m not gonna die right after.

David Hartwell says:

Enjoyed the review.  Now I will have to locate this Rum so I can try it.  Love the sample bottles.  Envious.  I would love to have sample bottles.

Dave G says:

I’ve had a life this week so I’m behind on my comments. So here is a thank you.

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