ralfy review 676 – recommended sipping rums for 2017

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Mr. Sotack says:

My journey with spirits started with rum. I’ve had many, but I think the most impressive rum I’ve ever had was the Appleton 21.

bulldog Brown says:

Diplomatico is about the best for sipping.

Trespasser says:

Actually imo, Good Cognacs are above all other drinks in sophistication. The problem is, to get a really good one , it costs a lot more for some reason. XO Cognacs (avg 12yo) here in Canada run 50-100% more than the already expensive similarly aged malts, perhaps they just price them to what the market can bear.

wclaurence says:

I rarely sit through a 30 minute video, but, Ralfy, your presentation had me riveted. I have been enjoying Cross Keys 5 year old Barbados Rum, lately. Not so much sipping, but mixing with Pepsi.

TruePrinceOfWales says:

Been looking forward to more rum stuff from you Ralfy,. Thanks. Good video.

Travs Guide says:

I’m not surprised ralfy goes to rum after scotch the quality is higher than other spirits period. also rums that have been aged in casks for years have a lower price than whiskys of any sort that were aged in casks. pair the fact that rum has a naturally a sweet flavor but can be made as dry as you would like and you can get them oaked into any age statement you want its a clear winner to me keep your scotch i get 27 year old rum for 30$ out here

Purr Cat says:

I was just given a bottle of Westerhall Estate Plantation Rum. It has a hand written serial number, 21708. Drinks like good single malt. I can’t find it anywhere. Not at Westerhall, but maybe I missed it

Purr Cat says:

Sounds like good scotch reasoning is often used to describe women

Cartoon Face says:

Ralfy Do whisky reviews not rum , Rums horrible Don’t know why you do this !

ozzycarnut says:

nice one ralfy, 19:40 mount gay produce an excellent rum. pretty much their whole line of products you cant go wrong, even their white rum is ok for cocktails and the like, far superior to bacardi. im a rum freak and always carry an eclipse or black barrel for mixing. moving up the line though 1703 is around the same price as el dorado 21 id be edging towards the el dorado. mount gay is great but el dorado is just superb. pair it with a good cigar or some nice chocolate and its happy days.

Michael Tortorich says:

Someone said to me recently: “I like scotch better than bourbon, and I like rum better than brandy.” Somehow this quote resonates with me in that it indirectly captures what *quality-produced* rum has become: a highly likely malternative! And to those whisk(e)y fans who are understandably suspicious, the answer is simple: a quality example of anything makes one an avid enthusiast of everything. Thanks to Ralfy for enhancing our quality of life & the diversity of our lived experience.

Steven Vincent says:

The way you said “daiquiri” was amazing!

mrdisco99 says:

You’ve got to try Richland Rum from here in Georgia, USA. Made from 100% sugar cane syrup, distilled in refluxy copper pot stills, and aged in new charred oak casks. Its oak character makes it sip like a bourbon, but with an addictive buttery sweetness. Not sure if you can get it there, but it’s worth seeking out.

Duke Wheeler says:

Does your saying about cheap rum to set a baseline also carry over to whisky, as in buying a cheap generic bottle to compare to a better bottle?

Cody Brown says:

Blackheart spiced rum makes coke taste like a cherry coke with a little spice bite its delicious like that. Not the best for sipping though. I’m still a rum noob. Just had my first scotch as well today. Glenlivet 12 it was very nice and not what i expected in flavor. Ive mainly had many bourbons and a couple ryes along with Jameson. Due to health problems i rarely get to enjoy the flavors in the bottle. I do enjoy your videos though. Thank you for the content.

tjgusta says:

Bumbu. Sweet, tastes and smells like butterscotch

yellow man says:

Found an unopened bottle of woods navy rum in my grandads house (God rest his soul). Looking like it dates from the 70s, is it worth anything or should I just crack it open and enjoy it? Cheers

Louis Sparey says:

I dont say it enough but this particular review is fuckin banging , spot on man !

thefatrumpirate says:

Nice stuff Ralfy really like you getting the word out about rum.

A few points which may interest those wanting to drink “pure” rums. I’m not going to go all holier than thou with it – its just information.

The Sikkim “rum” is likely neutral spirit tarted up with additives – its the way rums from that part of the world all seem to be made eg Old Port Rum from Amrut and Old Monk from Mohan Meakin. Woods 100 rum on the other hand is heavily coloured but NOT dosed with sugar or molasses. Some of the rum in the blend is very young and very sweet. Also unlike most other Navy style rums – Woods is a blend but only of Demerara rums – mainly from the Enmore/Versailles and Port Mourant stills now at DDL (Demerara Distillers Limited – or the Diamond Distillery if you like). There is no Jamaican or Bajan rum in the blend. It’s an excellent value mixer but not a sipper.

Havana Club rums are occasionally dosed with sugar. A more common practice is to use wine (sweet wine) as part of the blend. Ron Zacapa use every trick under the sun. Their stuff is overpriced rubbish. The Plantation line are all pretty much dosed with a sugar syrup except for OFTD which is a 69% “mixing” rum.

The Pussers 15 Year Old is rum from the Port Mourant still at DDL. It is sweetened. The gunpowder is as you say the best of the lot. Its excellent

As is the way with rum its very difficult getting this information – a lot can’t be verified without expensive laboratory tests. It takes a lot of reading and time to learn all about the nonsense that goes on with rum. With you being primarily a whisky enthusiast I appreciate you won’t be quite as obsessed as I am………….

Keep up the good work though Ralfy!

PS I’d love a tot of that Caroni

Jason Reedux says:

Ralfy, how about doing a fun cheap liqueur video featuring Malibu, Tia Maria and Baileys etc…?

Pete James says:

My local beverage shop has the Foursquare aged in Bourbon+Zinfandel wine casks. Wondering if it is worth $60 for a rum newbie…

Marcus Overhagen says:

Hi Ralfy, I just watched your review a second time, I’m sure now you didn’t comment on the FAIR rum that is on top of the stack.

bikegirl2 says:

lol i love sugar hate this dry crap x

Jason Voorheese says:

These all look like old bottles. Is it hard to get rum in the UK?

Raster says:

Ralfy! I have a great idea for you… Travel to another location on the Isle of Mann where there is a traditional “Bothy” of the same kind of character as your own, and give us a tour with a roving video… like you’re carrying the camera, you’re outside, you’re showing us around, etc. That would be awesome!

As I’ve mentioned previously, skip all that for your own Bothy, and keep your location private for obvious reasons.

Still… we never mentioned, you could show us some other traditional Bothy outside and in.


Charles Perry says:

You missed Tanduay from the Philippines. While they produce some very cheap rums for local consumption, they also produce some exceptional rums such as a 15 year old.

Rubicon Five says:

Ralphy, the camera iris needs a wee bit of adjustment. The light colored labels are washed out.

Jakub Křístek says:

What does the abbreviation GB stand for? e.g. Mount Gay 1703 Master Select 0,7l 43% GB. Thank you.

Sapan Jani says:

Try ‘Old Monk Rum’ please… an Indian Rum..

Todd Hostager says:

Ralfy, great review as usual. Have you tried the Watlings rums from the Bahamas? http://www.johnwatlings.com/

mr big says:

My friend try ron zacapa 23 very good sipping rum

ACT-one says:

Great review as always Ralfy! I’ve decided to take a punt at the ‘Bellevue 17 Year Old’ Tasteing notes on the more well known online shops seem fascinating 🙂 been more of a malt mate than rum rascal really but tried the ‘El Dorado 15’ recently and it certainly was better than the other cheaper stuff I’ve had before. Looking forward to the review!!

JasonX says:

AH RIISE is the best rum ive ever tried

James St. John Smythe says:

Hmmm I kinda want a bottle of mount gay xo for Xmas but I don’t see it here has it gone down in quality?

llcoolmartine says:

I absolutely disagree with you on the subject of the quality of the spirit not making a difference in a cocktail. This is “old thinking” – ie “if you’re making a cocktail reach for the cheapest stuff you can find since its just a cocktail”. Just try a manhattan with a basic rye vs a high end rye. Or a Daiquiri. They’re miles apart. A good cocktail is just – as many other things – a sum of its parts. Like your reviews on rum especially where you showcase many of the best – non sugared – brand out there. Keep it up!

Anthony White says:

As a rum sipper, I just happened up on your review. Really enjoyed it.

Ryan Harper says:

You should try Tanduay Superior Rum. Good stuff in my opinion from the Phillipines.

Spliffnut says:

is there such a thing as peated rum?

medieval46 says:

Ralfy- on the video time mark 27:54- can you please type out the name of the bottle next to your right shoulder- the one described as being a french style rum. I can’t make out the lettering- also the name of the one you said is from India, the gold lettering didn’t show up well in the video. I think it’s Sikkim by the way you pronounced it, but not sure. Thanks for another excellent Rum review Ralfy.

Alexander K says:

Havana club Seleccion de Maestros is one of the best “bang for your buck” sippers I’ve tasted. Very smooth at 45% abv… not overly sweet (It’s Barrel proof… they just do not call it that anymore) and I get bottles around $52usd…
1703… I have a bottle… it’s okay… but I rarely reach for it. Seleccion better in my opinion.
I grew up drinking Appleton’s so the 21 year is my #1. The Appleton flavor profile simply is what rum is supposed to taste like for me.

Big up Jamaica!

Dany Jolicoeur says:

No El Dorado?

PhatTrumpet2 says:

God… I can’t find any of these.

Edit: I can find the Mount Gay @ $150. No thanks.

Christopher Mallory says:


I saw this rum locally and bought three bottles. Thanks for letting us know about foursquare rum!

Jason Reedux says:

Ralfy, what do you think of Kraken, Appleton Estate VX and Bacardi Oakheart?

duanmcinnes says:

I don’t experiment much with brands of rum. My favourite is Mount Gay, from Jamaica, and love the sticky sweet texture. Bundeburg, Australian rum, is a great rum but lacks the X-factor. Cheers Ralphy

TruePrinceOfWales says:

Woods and coke is the bees knees by the way.

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