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This time on the block – Ron Zacapa 23

In this review, we take a look at Zacapa 23. We sample, both neat and on the rocks. We discuss what we think, the history, and the process that makes this complex and delicious Rum. One of our favorites.


TruePekso says:

It is sweet, which does not suit everyone. Very smooth and gentle. One of the best I have ever tasted.

Armando 1980 says:

Nice review!

Sofus Poulsen says:

Kill that musik – Aful

John Walsh says:

The Ron Zacapa to me is a very whiskey-esque drink, not like other rums I’ve tried that are sticky and sweet

blowry1010 says:

Awesome review, love the videos!

Thats Classified says:

This guy? Ten outta ten. If he was any more laid back he would be on the floor.

Devildog 68 says:

Nice review, Zacapa 23 is one of my favorite rums.

Tania Rodas says:

I am very proud that Zacapa rum is made ​​in my country , thank you for the video

Jizzmaster1488 says:

Caramel dang diddly.

But great video =D

Tobias Edvardsen says:

I will be purchasing a Ron Zacapa for Christmas. Which one would you recommend; 23 or XO?
Love the review!

Csaba Barabas says:

Every one has his way bitches, the one does not like the way he present in the video get the fuck further cause you don!t know Jack sh….. about this man.How you get the bolls to judge someone after 3 minutes ……………… MORRONS

FullCanoe says:

Having a neat of this and i thought – hey i wonder if anyone are as impressed with this as i am. Tasted the cask at a tasting and ….. well wow is not even close!
The 23 cask beats the XO hands down imo.

sslindee says:

I agree with everything I saw in the review, This use to be my favorite go to sipping rum until I encountered Kirk and Sweeney 23 year old. Two very good rums to pair with just about any premium cigar.

Percy Sayegh says:

Great review. Thank you for the info

Steve Gonzalez says:

Algun guatemalteco?

Steve Kinney says:

Would this make sense for a traditional daiquiri?

TheGre3nT3am says:

lol your video editing made me feel drunk before I drank. All the cuts and zooms had me tripping.

Владимир Стрекалов says:

You said right – it’s GORGEOUS. It really is! One of my favourite rums. I try to keep always a such bottle in my bar.

Habo244 says:

You should try some Venezuelan Rums like Pampero Aniversario, Roble Zafra or Diplomático, In my opinion venezuelan rum is the best

Roberto Gonzalez says:

i test now i really good ron zacapa

Christopher A. Boyd says:

Great Review, I’m going to add this one to my collection

Brayan Gonzalez says:

try Dominican Ron Barcelo or Ziboney

Rubén Miranda says:

Best rum in the world. 

Jenie Smith says:

Actually Ron Zacapa doesn’t use molasses (which is the process when the sugar cane “honey” has been refined). They use the first pressed “honey” of sugar cane. In other words the virgin unrefined “honey”.

Chou Cillitbang says:

Bullshit..dont cool it down biitch!

rafael del cid says:

heyyy dossip this shit is good every where you go Europe virgin islands oceania so the video is just fine for the fine drink. if you don’t like it. SWALLOW IT.

LooneyMoonFilms says:

Press 04:26 over and over and it reminds me of Forest Gump

dossip dan says:

What an exaggerated, analogy filled, imaginative, metaphoric hipster narration of a regular RUM… he sure can sell a refrigerator to an Eskimo

dumbodonus says:

He’s so over the top that it almost seems sarcastic. 

louissparks76 says:

Where can I find the glass used to taste the rum in this video?

M M says:

Great review, Ron Zacapa Centenario created here in Guatemala 🙂

Lightbringer says:

Out of all of the Rum you’ve tasted, which would you say is the best in general and also which is the best for just sipping?

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