Rum Review: Appleton Estate Signature Blend

Rum Review

Jamaican Rum

Age Statement
None, but the distiller advises this is a blend of 15 rums that are aged between 5 and 10 years in ex-American oak. The oak casks come from the Jack Daniels distillery and first fill casks were used for aging the rum.

Artificial Color?
Yes, E150a is present.


Sweetness contributed to no doubt by sugar cane. Molasses wafts up and nice oak rounds things out. There is also an exotic note to this that makes me think of kitchen cooking spices like tarragon, dill and rosemary.

Robust salted caramel that is sweet but not overly so greets you. Molasses pulls up quickly with mint, cayenne pepper, cinnamon and apricot.

Drying orange rinds and more of those kitchen spices rise up. Think tarragon, rosemary and dill again! They accent the salted caramel, vanilla and orange rinds.

For the incredibly cheap price, I think you are getting good value for money. This rum is not complex, but for that price there is no burn, alcohol notes or off-putting quality.

Good stuff to sip or use as mix guilt free!


Cosmic Malt says:

Nice review! I am a fan of the 12 year-old expression that displays a slight hint of that high-ester ‘funky’ profile that Jamaican rums are known for. Great bang-for-buck at under 40 dollars in QC and a nice alternative to many cloying so-called premium rums! Cheers 🙂

mosesumike says:

Well done as always!
Thank you Mr. Debly
Cheers …

foodquig says:

Thanks for this great review… I’m not usually into rum, but I am short on cash this week… Will I try this or simply replace that nearly empty bottle of Golden Wedding?

Frank lampard says:

Good review, Jason. While in Jamaica last year, I bought a bottle of Royal Jamaican 10 year Rum. Very nice. Maybe a little sweet for some palates, but easy sipping neat, and great over ice or with cola on a warm day. Cheers.

Trenny and C says:

Hey Jason, great to see you doing another Rum.  Excellent review, thanks!

Tadashi Ishihara says:

Excellent review Jason! Hope to see more rum reviews by you. One of favorite rums is Zaya Gran Reserva. Would you be open for whiskey and cigar pairings on occasion?

Louie Jones says:

The 12 year is pretty good

Shaheen J. Dibai says:

20 bucks plus tax in Pennsylvania! I have considered buying it on many occasions, but never have bought it. Maybe I was wary because I’ve had wildly varying experiences with cheap rums. I don’t know, Jason, your tasting notes indicate more complexity than you’re letting on! I will definitely keep this in mind next time I’m in the market for rum. Right now, though, I’m enjoying the still-new version of Pike Creek Canadian Whisky finished in rum barrels. [insert appropriate emoji here]

Triplecap says:

It is interesting that they know where their bourbon barrels come from and that they are all from JD. I’ve probably toured 15 scottish distilleries, sometimes with a muckety-mucks like the master distiller or manager and other times in a normal tour, and they always have a very equivocal answer about the source of the bourbon barrels. I get the sense they must broker them and aren’t really concerned about which bourbon distillery they come from, as long as the quality is good.

Cuisined says:

1:57 ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ ♭ ♮ ♯ LOL and Greetz!

Go Habs says:

Have you tried the 21 year Appleton? I’m not the biggest rum fan, but it is pretty good.

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