Rum Styles – A Guide To Rum / The More You Know

Today we introduce you closer to the world of rum, everything you need to know about rum boiled down into 4 minutes of your life. These are four minutes you’ll never wish to get back because your brain is now packed with knowledge.

Take this knowledge, head to the store and buy a nice bottle of rum from a style you’ve yet to encounter in your past.

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Anthony Tafoya says:

I here you use the term agricole a lot and was wondering what it means in laymans terms?

suezotiger says:

Recently I needed a white rum. I was going to try El Dorado 3 year but the store was out so I picked up Barbancourt. Really surprised by the smell, almost like ripe bananas. Definitely an interesting rum.

Naori Kokorone says:

I crave rum but I’m 19…

mschwanda says:

Great video. I was just doing some research into rum types and there seemed to be a lot of differing definitions. I seem to see dark and aged used interchangeably and was having a hard time finding information on black rims. This was extremely useful to clarify everything. Thank you!

Elli Lassila says:

Any suggestions for a good rum to buy as my first one? I love the flavors of chocolate and coffee.

ariel shligman says:

what is your opinion in cuban rum heard its hard to come by in the us

Peter Thomas says:

very helpful. please try Twenty Boat Amber Rum from Truro Cape Cod’s South Hollow Spirits line and let me know what you think. I’ve tried their Amber and Spiced Rum and was very impressed.

Dave G says:

That’s a lot of rum. Great video. Thanks

legitwaffle45 says:

I really liked this format!

bonehead0816 says:

The last time i watched a lot other than the last couple days, was when you were first moving away from using the attic, i love your bar, and you have really gotten a lot of nice spirits, i was not expecting you to bring out Cachaça.

This video is extremely well done and informative, are you going to do videos like this for other types of spirits?(if you have not already, i would have to go back and check)

TruelyBadassAmerican says:

after watching this on Facebook, I went out and bought a bottle of rum. I’ve never been very into rum, but this video makes me want to be into it. Would you be able to give some examples in a video of some rum from each category that you find approachable and/or good?

Reid says:

Damn it I was hoping to make it to the end of the video without cahaça being called rum.

Abel Lieuwen says:

Just what i needed, many thanks

Jeff H. says:

I’ve been thinking about trying the El Dorado 8 year old. So challenge accepted, I’m going to get a bottle this week.

SonOfTheRightHand29 says:

watched this through twice to try to better absorb the information, great video, also loved the shorter more to the point upload

Cinder Block Studios says:

I get the feeling these short and quick educational videos are going to do really well! I thought I knew about rum…turns out I don’t really know about rum.

Dylan Barth says:

Just saw this. Wow–I need to go to the liquor store! Hey Derrick, any suggestions on a 151? Or is it so strong it probably doesn’t matter?

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