Rum Tasting: Ron Zacapa 23, Diplomatico Exclusiva, El Dorado 12, Bacardi 8, Vivacity Rum

Join us as we try different rums with Jeff, our special guest from Jeff’s Texas Style BBQ.

Jeff’s Texas Style BBQ

Rum Raiders

Music by Ross Bugden – Pirate Crew

RUM! Because no great story ever started with lemonade.

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Dean Novelli says:

I like the Zacapa 23, but expected it to be much more sweet than it is, i’m not a big fan of alchohol that has the intense flavour of liquor, my rum would need a sweet or spicy taste that overshadow that.

Diplomatico Exclusiva or El Dorado 15, what would you guys recommend ?

whiteapollo11 says:

Keep on doing the content. Love your way of doing the videos (neat, on the rocks, cocktail).

hafid colmenares says:

Diplomaico reserva exclusiva…………………………Santa tereza 1796………..Carupano legendario

Trespasser says:

Diplomatico is a liqueur , so on a scale of 0 to 10 for rum it’s a solid 0. It doesn’t taste like rum either, not sure what the fuss is about. Havana 7yo beats all of these easily (except Zaccapa which I haven’t tried yet). But El Dorado 15 is better, which should be expected for twice the price.

Just THINK says:

The 12 year rum is from Guyana the only English speaking country in south America.


I am from guyana an I drink Eldorado 5 year an 12 year .voted best rum

Berny Say says:

Nice to see my country’s rum….. Zacapa 23 very nice rum.

David Benson says:

Love that you guys are doing this kind of content, but you MUST get some different glass wear lol. How can you possibly nose something with those pint glasses? lol


Oh I think u guys should say where it’s from cause ppl won’t know

goedverwagten says:

Yeah!!…ElDorado….GT rum is the best! ElDorado 15yr old is my favorite though.

Mrhello556 says:

Love the shiner sign and glasses

Oh- K-den says:

Is it from English or French Guyana?

Callum Reid says:

should have had old j spiced

Carlos Segura says:

you have to try Santateresa 1796 from Venezuela, Zacapa XO from Guatemala, and finaly Centenario 30 años from Costa Rica

Noodle says:

Do you ever do a blind taste test?

Pedro Pascual Rosario says:

bacardi 8 is my favorite

Sadeek Mohamed says:

21 year el dorado is the best tasting one

Tom R says:

Great video. Not sure who the Texan is but I can respect his views and tasting of the rums. Keep up the great work!

Andreas pi says:

very very nice review, thank

Steffie Trinh says:

I’m glad I stumbled onto Rum Raiders channel…I will have to break down and get Ron Zacapa 23 as it was highly recommended to me by a co-worker. Btw, Jeff is so on point with his rum review…respect!!

Chelo Figueroa says:

bacardi is the best.

The River Pirate 13 says:

I agree, El Dorado is tough to beat neat.

The Malted Man Cave says:

Great review guys. I just subscribed:). I review whisky but I am looking to get into rums as well at Ralfy’s suggestion. I just picked up the Ron Zaccapa 23. Cheers!

OldSkool says:

I hate Bacardi as a company. Cheap house party/alcoholics shit.

Wilber Rodriguez says:

The best rum for my!!! Ron zacapa 23 Solera so good so tasty so yum..

123 says:

i ordered one bottle of this diplomatico exklusiva i hope its good

ericking1000 says:

You need Havana Club 7 Anos…. not the FAKE Bacardi one

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