Truly Cigars Tour & Special Camacho American Barrel Aged Cigar Review

Check the latest tour of my home away from home; Truly Cigar Lounge in Florence Alabama. Special review of the Camacho American Barrel aged cigar, musical guests Jacob Brock & Will McFarlane (stay tuned for the special extended version) to be released on Cigarvixen website, due to the music copyright on youtube, had to use generic tunes for the video 🙁
Visit Truly Cigars to receive the best hospitality all around, schedule to take a unique tour of the musical world of Muscle Shoals at FAME & Muscle Shoals Sound recording studios. You can also order cigars by phone from Tobias at Truly Cigars, mention the video for special discounts 🙂

Truly Cigars
366 Cox Creek Pkwy
Florence, AL
(256) 275-3601


MilkTrafficker says:

My Cuban grandmother would say that women who smoke cigars were either black santeras or pretentious lesbians trying to be macho. All I know is that men who go to Starbucks to type anti-Trump statements are GAY.

BriansRadioReviews says:

Are you really from Alabama?

BeerPunksTV says:

Loved that cigar!

WhiteOtakU says:

I’ll definitely try the Camacho sooner or later – keep up the good work – nice reviews ^^

Fabiano Padovani says:

Que DELÍCIA cara!!!!

Jay Buzz says:

Wow surprised to find out that you were from Alabama also. nice cigar review I was curious about the cigar glad you done this review. also just want to let you know yes I have seen the comments and yes you are very beautiful woman. I do have a question have you ever done a review or thought about doing a review on the genuine counterfeit Cuban 1958 pre embargo edition limitada gordito?

TheHookahMike says:

Four Roses Small Batch goes well with this cigar (robusto).

SicSeb says:

I ordered one today and it’s coming in tomorrow. I’m curious how I will like it

Helicopter Pilot says:

There is nothing more of a turn off than a woman smoking a big fat cigar

Omegah TV says:

great set up. Hey D, on a average day, how many cigars do you toast? if you to me,I would toast about 3 a day.

otis barker says:

I don’t mind watching your videos because you are hot.

blunt says:

heavyy fuck you are some lady

who knows says:

I’m smokimg it for the first time while I watch this, I like watching reviews of cigars while I smoke them, if I’m not watching Tim and bradley I’m watching you and lucky for me the last two or three sticks ive smoked youve had vids for so that was good. the other day I smoked new world by aj fernandez and you had a couple videos. good job and keep making these great reviews, cheers from San Diego

Douglas Wright says:

nice place. to bad I live on the west coast

ZoMbIEx23x says:

Did no one else notice she had her cigar lit in the humidor? I thought that was a faux pas thing to do?

Forbes Henderson says:

When will you be in Houston?

The Sunz says:

I can’t believe you’re from Alabama? I never would’ve guessed it. Check out my buddy’s cigar shop on Facebook, Harlow Bay Tobacco LLC. I’ll see if I can have him send you some sample cigars. Keep on puffin’.

Patatuchy says:

Great video, thanks for taking us along

Jefffrey Jefferson says:

I love your videos. You are truly a vixen. If you ever come to Vegas, stop by my cigar shop for a review. Mystical Cigars. 2544 E Charleston Blvd. Las Vegas, NV. 702 380 8288. Walk in humidor, lounge, great selection, great prices! Keep up the good work..

StarlitShadows says:

That lounge looks awesome! My kinda spot.

Samuel Nelson says:

Without a doubt you are the most attractive cigar reviewer on the internet. I really enjoy your work.

James Moxon says:

I really enjoy the longer videos where you explore the cigar world, not only does it provide great entertainment but also broadens my knowledge slightly. 🙂

Ruben Rodriguez says:

Have you ever smoke a AAA Vegas? Can you do a review on that cigar and let me know what you think. It’s one of my favorite cigar.

food says:

how do all of these flavors get into a leaf?? cherry.oat.berry.etc.

Steve L says:

Thanks for taking us along



David Mires says:

I have had the Camacho Fire… Was a great smoke.. Could taste all kinds of goodness in it… I am going to try and find that RP locally… If you have a chance be on the look out for a RP Deluxe Edition. Has a purple and white label… I think you really would enjoy it…

Tommy Smith Jr. says:



Bought one today!

M Aguilar says:

I just recently got into cigars. Never expected to find an angel doing cigars reviews. Eres hermosa.

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