“Two Dudes” Review and Comments on Cruzan Aged Rum

The world famous “Two Dudes” are at it again with their review and comment on Cruzan Aged Rum. They share their expert knowledge of fine rums with the people. “Like” them on facebook at “Scootyman Productions” or see them at www.scootyman.com.


ihave2cameltoes says:

So I’m assuming that Cruzan is the dark aged rum rather than the light aged rum.

Daniel Bell says:

This review does seem very helpful. I was looking for a average plus rum to be used as a standard back-up mixer. I thought many basic rums are somewhat harsh. The infamous two dudes do seem to be down to earth.

HatsOff2TheBull says:

look no further folks, this is the last rum you’ll ever need to buy. smooth smooth smooth DANGER ZONE!!

mstrozier78 says:

Good review and one of my favorite rums.   You guys nailed it.   For me it’s actually good on the rocks as well.   Although like you mentioned it does end up watering it down.  Good in coke and also good to add to a desert.   Love a shot of this on top of a triple chocolate brownie with a scope of vanilla Ice cream.  Plenty of uses for this great rum!

BigStickCombat says:

I agree. I like this rum, which is better than the Bacardi gold by several miles. I primarily use it for mixed drinks, though.

Your enthusiasm is contagious. It’s great to see rum lovers in a world full of wine and vodka drinkers.

Jean Ramirez says:

They are making me an alcoholic lol

Dave McCottery says:

Again, you guys are awesome, but…it’s pronounced Crewzshawn.

Billy B says:

This is the smoothest best tasting rum I have ever had in my life. All of Cruzan’s rums are very good.

Daniel Bell says:

I agree this Cruzan Rum is excellent and a great staple of anyone’s home. It was on sale and reduced, so I decided to purchase it. I am surprised it is not more popular. There are many other varieties that we do not see stocked on the shelves. I just also bought Plantation Rum which is somewhat on a higher level.
Great review. I would most recommend this rum as a standard tropical drink mixer, although it could be had straight, or mulled.

grizzol says:

You guys seriously put up some of the best reviews on youtube. Keep the vids goin 🙂

logtype47 says:

MI tink seh dem ago double ups pon di brown gyal

Logan Starwalt says:

Wonderful review! I completely agree with what you thought… It is much better than what i expected! Keep the vids coming!

John Canegata says:

Gentlemen and Paige. You did a fantastic job and promoting a fine USA product made on St.Croix in the the US Virgin Islands. The Cruzan aged rum is only where it begins. If you enjoy the flavors of the 2 year old rum, you will be overwhelmed by the smooth characteristics, and individual personality of the Estate Diamond rum, and the number one rate rum in the world the Cruzan Single Barrel Rum. You can take my word for it or you can visit us here on St. Croix to discover for yourself. Cheers!

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