Zaya Aged Trinidadian Rum Review – On The Rocks

In episode six of On The Rocks, Jorel and Anthony tackle the delectable, buttery Trinidadian rum, Zaya!

If any spirit would break the guys makeshift rating system it would be Zaya Aged Trinidadian Rum.

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Jorel Hughes and Anthony Schultz


obiem51 says:

This Rum is not 80 bucks. I have found this at local stores for 27.49 and lower….

Andrew Hilton says:

The Zaya bottles that have the name printed in plain script, are the new blend, which is an absolute tragedy. It is a nightmare come true, that the best spirit I have ever tasted is no longer available. If I had known it was going to change I would have laid down a pipe in the basement. (A Pipe is 155 Gallons.)

Andrew Hilton says:

Zaya really does rate a six out of five, however Captain Morgan’s Private stock, while sharing a similar nose to Zaya, does not have nearly the taste, or finish of Zaya.

Michael J says:

Good job fellas. Going to try it for the first time tonight. Looking forward to it now

Gamecock 24 says:

I was looking for Zaya but they didn’t have it at the store I was at so I picked up a Bacardi 8 for $23.

MPR Shrimps says:

Have you guys tried the new bottle label of Zaya? Is it actually different? I have it and it tastes great.

On The Rocks says:

You’re absolutely right, Captain Morgan’s Private Stock is a bit sweeter and no where near as complex.

John Elwood says:

Zaya is NOT a 12 year aged rum!!! MISINFORMATION!!! Infact, Zaya Gran Reserva is a blend of 12 aged rums, some of which are aged upto 18 years. Fact checking can be as simple as reading the label. Cheers.

Sean Reeber says:

This was the first sipping rum I’d ever bought, for $31.99. Just on a whim.

I later discovered it’s viewed as one of the best rums out there.

And it’s truly a phenomenal rum.

peter white says:

This is really a sipping Rum, sad to see it mixed.

Bulldogdad1000 says:

What a great, smooth rum. I picked up a bottle in Dallas over the weekend for $24.99! Now I wish I had purchased more.

Slender Mann says:

I really wish I could find this in ontario, canada.. our gov’t liquor rules suuuuuck 🙁

Brad Townes says:

my favorite liquor of any kind! I put down an entire bottle in one night. No hangover or any headache. Price around here is 25 to 30. love love it! glad you guys did a video on it!

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