1792 Small Batch Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey- Blind Review!

In this video I am doing a blind review of 1792 Small Batch- Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Distilled and bottled by Barton 1792 Distillery, this whiskey is bottled at 93.7 proof/ 46.85% abv.

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David Michael says:

I love the product! I have a couple of bottles of Singal barrel ! The full proof is just little to Hott for my taste! Just scored some Elmer T Lee this week! Getting ready to try it on this cold Kentucky night! CHEERS!!!!

Carl H says:

I found this to be very very bland. I won’t buy it again. I think that EW Black label has more flavor than this. However, the 1792 full proof is a whole different animal and worth having on the shelf.

cooper57m says:

I had this a few years back and never bought another bottle. Nothing wrong with it but just didn’t knock my socks off and there are others that delivered more for my $. $22 is good value for it tho, but it’s more than that here. I’d rather pick up a Larceny for a something in that mid-$20 price range.

Whiskey Straight Al says:

You nailed this one from my perspective. This is the only 1792 I’ve had. I found it ok. Like you said, drinkable but nothing special.

PreppinShootinLivin says:

The Full Proof is one of my favorites.

bedlamborn says:

I could buy it but it would cost as much as a Knob Creek. So I stay away.

Donner Pass Whiskey says:

Been quite a while since I had this but remember the nose was the best part of it, the taste was dominated by sweet. It’s good just not my favorite flavor profile. To bad one of their aging warehouses collapsed the areal pictures of all those barrels was impressive. Have heard the full proof is better on the palate. Cheers

Whisky Neighbour says:

I have not brought home a bottle. However, I’ve had two drams in the last year and each time I am underwhelmed. I guess we agree!

buckshot1333 says:

Much like you I’m a barrel proof fan so the full proof is definitely my favorite. I have a have a hand pick from the Oklahoma Bourbon Lovers and it’s a great one! I think the Single Barrel is pretty good too but I just really love the extra proof to up that viscosity a little bit. Cheers!

David Keel says:

I had the same reaction! Great nose. Just a little thin on the palate, especially after that awesome nose


Great review Jon, I agree with you description and when comping it to the full proof it’s a step down and for good reason. It’s one that is just easy to sip on and a nice daily drinker. Cheers buddy

WhiskyJason says:

I now the felling of being disappointed -all bark and no bite

Mike Oxlong says:

Nice review! Been considering this one for a little bit and it’s nice to hear some feedback on it

Bill Ford says:

Ahhh, the never ending quest for a bourbon that tastes a good as it smells. Great review John!

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