A review of Booker’s Small Batch Bourbon – Bluegrass Batch

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MaxumMark says:

Wondering if POPCORN SUTTON BARREL FINISHED is any good?

Topwater Films says:

Drinking some Bookers while I watched your video. You are right on, as far as the description of the whiskey taste and finish.

Corey Martin - Big Poppa says:

Bookers is always sitting on my bar at home. This is the only bourbon I drink with a large ice cube. The bourbon is still thick and sweet while it is chilled with the large cube. I highly recommend it this way .

feeatlastfeeatlast says:

I’m surprised you didn’t cut it to more like 80 proof. About 1/2 as much water.

Tadashi Ishihara says:

I agree with your score. It’s my favorite bourbon. Great review!

blinkonce4yes says:

And now at 70 dollars there is better out there.

Sector 001 says:

Love Michigan. Go Spartans!!!

Edward smith says:

Get rid of the whole Box and save us a few bucks

Wet Bandits says:

Thanks for the great review. I picked up a bottle of this a few weeks back. I thought it was an absolutely fabulous bourbon and agree I would pay $100 for the same bottle of Bluegrass batch I purchased. Not for the faint of heart and I agree that a little water or ice would mellow it out.

piyush sopory says:

tried today at friend’s place. my first time with bookers and loved it. long long finish.

Matt S says:

Wow I literally just bought a bottle myself. The ring batch apparently. This is by far one of my favorite Bourbons. I love how people think it’s too hard (they are somewhat right). It has a softer side which I love and the finish is oh so long. Thanks for the review

Barry Melton says:

Personally, I think the score is just a tad high, but I’m not going to argue with you on it. Booker’s is a fantastic bourbon, and while I’ve got batches I prefer over some other batches, they’re remarkably good at quality consistency batch to batch and year to year.

Regarding your comment “I’m not gonna make you wait 5 or 10 minutes”, it’s worth noting that you can either a) edit the video and do a time lapse so that you actually do get a water/bourbon meld. Personally, I don’t think you need to wait, but if you want to, we’re happy to sit through a 2-3 second time lapse. If video editing isn’t something you enjoy, you can pour two glasses at the start of the video, add water to one while tasting the other. By the time you get done reviewing the first, the other will have mellowed some. You might also start the videos with the glass poured, so that it’ll have some time to rest in the glass (without water) before the video starts so it’s nice and rested, which should help diminish the acetones and ethanols on the nose.

Two questions — you said at the top of the video that you’ve never had this before, but that obviously wasn’t the first pour from the bottle. Is it a borrowed bottle? Did someone go through the effort of re-sticking it to the box?

Anibal Raposo says:

Have you tried Bookers Rye?

Billy Hughes says:

They can easily charge $80-$90 for it, and they will be charging $100 after the 1st of the year.

Jackass Whisky and Pinto Beans says:

So, with 4 drops of water you brought it down to 63.85%?

Raster says:

I subscribe to quite a few whisky review sites and I was interested in watching your reviews because the products you are testing happen to be ones I’m interested in potentially purchasing.

The way you taste whisky seems odd to me. I’m being diplomatic. If there’s a way to sort-of turn up one’s awareness you could get this same information by watching any of the other reviewers then watching your own reviews and comparing. To best see the different, if you don’t mind I’d suggest that you watch Horst Luening, or his son Benedict on whisky.com.

So all I’m saying is: watch some other reviews and then watch your own, and see if you can notice the major difference. Thanks.

roostershooter76 says:

Jim Beam 12 year is just as good for 5 more years and 1/3 less.

The Malted Man Cave says:

Great Review. I just reviewed this on my channel:) What is your favorite bourbon. I have yet to have the prestige likes of pappy or stagg.

Christopher Ramsey says:


FNAF Cinema says:

good review..drink this with peppered beef sytle meals..

MRKTM690smc says:

how would you rate this against stagg jr and ECBP?  I think I like both stagg jr and ECBP better than this.

Freedom1776 says:

I just picked up the “off your rocker” batch coming in at above what I expected with 129.7 proof or 64.85% abv I can’t wait to get it open

Jeff Pickering says:

Hello Dave, I just bought a bottle of Booker’s at a local liquor store for $43, and from many reviews sounds like a steal. It’s a 2015-02 batch from “Dot’s Batch”, 7+ years, 127.9 proof. Not sure if it is similar to yours. I am looking forward to enjoying it.

I’m a new subscriber, and a total newbie when it comes to whiskey appreciation through tastings / sipping (I’ve always bought whiskey for enjoyment with mixed drinks and shots), so this is a new avenue for me – I still need to discover if I will go with adding water or not. Do you have 3-5 recommendations for this rookie to start with? Thanks for all the work you do on your videos for us.

My Bourbon Journey says:

loved the review, wanted to pick up a bottle and now I’ve been convinced it’s worth. I too love the higher proof bourbon that has not been filtered. none filtered retains so much great flavor. keep the great reviews coming.

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