Baker’s Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey- Blind Review!!!

Today I am trying Baker’s Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Distilled and bottled by James B. Beam Distilling Co. this whiskey is 7 years old and 107 proof/ 53.5% abv.

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LetsDrinkWhisky says:

Thanks for saving me some money John!

WhiskyThrottle says:

Sounds young and inexperienced. The bourbon not you.
Great Review.

Hogibaer says:

Not being a Bourbon guy I must say that, maybe about 5-8 years ago, Baker’s tasted pretty good to me, but there are voices quality has degraded over time. Hmm… Liked Booker’s, although I prefer Elijah Craig Barrel Proof or Blanton’s Gold. At least the Booker’s I tried was kind of a one-trick-pony: powerful and impressive but not very nuanced nor well-rounded.

foodquig says:

I prefer Baker’s to Booker’s of the examples of both that I have had… I’ll take s Stagg Jr or an ECBP over either of them any day, though.

WhiskyThrottle says:

Baby Bookers!?

Donner Pass Whiskey says:

Interesting. When Trenny and C did their blind tasting of the Jim Beam small batch line one put this last and did not like it while the other put it first . Maybe your bottle is ok. Could be a love it or hate it thing?

Fred Smith says:

John, I’ve tried Baker’s and, while I’m not crazy about it, it’s not bad whiskey so I definitely think you got a bad bottle. You might want to contact Baker’s through their web site They are pretty good about answering questions and they may even offer to replace the bottle. At the least, if you provide them the laser codes from the bottle, they can tell you when it was bottled.

Press Man says:

Definitely sounds like a bad bottle. Bakers 107 is one of my favorites.Think if u tried the bottle I have u would be very happy with the flavor. Definitely grab another bottle!

Caleb Olson says:

This is what’s great about blind reviews. Positive pre-concieved notions about Baker’s were completely eliminated in favor of actual impressions.

Oklahoma Kid says:

Thank you for your HONEST review!!!! One of the many reasons I enjoy your reviews. I’ve got a few buddies that refuse to admit when their beer or whiskey tastes BAD . They blame me and my taste buds….WTF??!! I don’t care if it’s Pappy to Kentucky Deluxe….if it tastes bad …it’s bad. I try to sample as much as I can at bourbon bars before I buy a bottle BUT a person can get a bad batch. Keep up the great reviews!! Cheers.

Diesel Fan says:

I think you got an off or old bottle. I actually really enjoy Bakers. Please try another bottle and share with us. Thanks.

Bourbon Blind says:

We just filmed this bottle, not released yet, but as I remember we second many of your thoughts. Excellent review, keep up the good work!

bedlamborn says:

Wil get a bottle tomorrow. Will be interesting to try it out. Luckily I haven’t tasted any whiskies that has become bad due to cork defects or other such things. But wines that tastes like sewers I have tasted :/

bigwillpro says:

Great review I agree with you on the bakers not a fan. I will take Bookers or kc 120 all day.


I think you had a bad bottle. I’ve agreed with most of your other reviews, but I dig bakers.

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