Benchmark Old No. 8 Bourbon Review



Ethan's Beer Reviews says:

too expensive for me

Felix Orasco says:

I found the stuff I honestly like it better than Jack Daniels it’s really really smooth

Justin Williams says:

I like that stuff.

Whiskey Quests says:

3 year old whiskey for 10 bucks in my area. I was surprised that it wasn’t bad tasting at all too.

Haze says:

can you guys review bacardi superior white rum?


PLASTIC all the way. Except when enjoying the cheapest of Bourbons. Yeah heah.

The Party Source Reviews says:

Your description of “It’s not bad at all. ” is an excellent way to sum this Bourbon up. If is a great bourbon thai is inexpensive and readily available.

Blue Boy says:

Great Review!! Enjoyed

Ronald Theriot says:

I think it’s a good one.

xenomorph one says:

best bourbon to me so I win lol cheap

Sticky Dankster says:

head to head with evan williams black label would be cool thats my go to bargain bourbon the bottled in bond is even better

Руслан Маратыч says:

What the fuc*?! Whiskey – Sisky! Russian Vodka- best men drinks!

Kylebassgs says:

So what you’re saying is, 8 times and mouthed out once, that “It’s really not bad at all?” Lol
Based on this review, I picked some up tonight since I figured it’d be good to try as my first bourbon. It’s not too rough, pretty smooth in fact and a bit of heat that I’m not used to, but after the initial taste, isn’t unbearable. I think it is well good. And can’t beat that price point, thought it was $11 where I found it. Thanks for the recommendation.

cdawson198600 says:

Sounds like it’s the “benchmark” of cheap whiskey lol.

Isidro Salinas says:

You guys should try tom sims taste better and its for the same price.

bardechh says:

I like the stuff. Its just a young bourbon. Great mixer or in a flask.

CoLdSiNcE92 says:

Great bourbon at an excellent price!! $7.99 in Houston area. I like ginger ale with my bourbon.

Isidro Salinas says:

Ive tried this before and dont like it, it tasted sour.

Jim Harbin says:

For 8bucks it is what it is. Nice review guys.

Chris M says:

Nice find. The cost difference alone vastly outweighs the slight difference in taste compared to the more expensive brands. I’ll be on the lookout for this one.

Alex Demers says:

Is it similar to Evan Williams? I always see this and Ezra on either side of Evans. Evan Williams and root beer is my go too. I know, I know but trust me, it’s the best.

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