Best Bourbons Under $25! (50 Bourbons Flight Fight )

It’s Bourbon Night! This is our debut episode and the culmination of 16 flights with 50 bourbons under $25. Who will be the winner? Let’s find out because It’s Bourbon Night!

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MacClellandMan says:

Fun experiment. It is ultimately about finding out your favorites, not what is best. Best is relative when it comes to taste.

Louis Cantu says:

Do you have bourbon whiskey with vanilla flavor ?

Art Prince says:

Did you guys try Ezra Brooks 90? It is under $20, actually for $15 for 750 ml. It gets pretty good ratings in several reviews.

Darryl D says:

If it takes 20mjn just to say which is best it’s not worth my time to watch.

Doug _ says:

Wow. Thorough, entertaining, and she’s attractive. Subbed.

tom huish says:

His favourite is Jim beam choice and hers is evan williams 1783.. Your welcome

Keagan Roberson says:

Where did y’all get these shirts?

Adir Yeffet says:

Awesome guys

Matt Shadden says:

I’m glad you guys fixed the lighting in future episodes.

Jeez Uss says:

I agree how you say Jim Beam is regarded as a low grade bourbon because people always think of the white label sometimes found in a plastic bottle but in my opinion after Knob Creek came out they saw the potential in the higher top shelfy type stuff and started playing around with new ideas and alot of people have not given the new era of Jim Beam products enough of a chance to see they are putting out quality product that can stand up to the rest of highly regarded bourbons on the market.

Clayton Blachly says:

Ooh the 1783 goes better for me with one ice cube than neat but you gotta go neat to start

Thatrollingmaster69 says:

Wish you the best ! Very nice channel ! Looking forward to watching all kinds of videos about bourbon ! Just found out about your channel !

I am very new to bourbon, but i really like to drink whisk(e)y neat. I have tried only 2 bourbon whiskeys. The Jack Daniels No.7 (the least rare bottle you can find on the market) and the Jack Daniels Single Barrel (which i really liked neat !).

I hope that by watching you i can find some bourbons to try, in different price ranges, to expand my knowledge and taste about bourbon ! Take care !

santos santos says:

Should of had evan williams 12 yr old vintage .. its under 25 and great

mike black says:

Evan Williams makes good whiskey

Freddie Slaughter says:

Today 10-25-2017 most of these are $30.00 now

seanautube says:

Awww, the most important thing to her is that she didn’t let any of the people down that she recommended Larceny to. I’m trying Evan Williams Bonded while I watch. Not bad, especially after I added a teaspoon of water. The water really made the flavors accessible to my palate.

Jordan Dynamite says:

That song intro is laughable.

Clayton Blachly says:

Wow 50 bourbons must have been a hell of a night. Hahaha

Rhabdo B says:

Good info. 5 minutes of info crammed into a 20 min video, but cool.

Android_Magnificènt GamerX says:


Homer Simpson says:

Damn Sara looked dead serious in this episode lmao

Dave Jacobs says:

Great video, full of good content with a dash of quirky/awkward/neat/natural moments.I’m a fan.

Willie Swaggart says:

I remember my first bourbon

drivebybodypierce says:

Powering my way through a bottle of Evan Williams1783 right now, and not really enjoying it. Guess I’ve been spoiled in the past with all the Jefferson & Makers Mark that I’ve had, the 1783 was my first foray into “budget bourbon” – which really isn’t worth the $10-15 you save from the mid-rangers. I will give both the Larceny, Jim Beam Choice, & Buffalo Trace a try though. Thanks for the vid!

Joe P says:

I think this experiment would be even better if you didnt know what bourbons were remaining after each round.

clay landry says:

So how did you make the bourbon bottle lights? Did you come up with it on your own or is there a link to it?

rovey wade says:


Holcombi says:

Are you guys ever going to review Ardbeg 10?

Sugarhighme Gaming says:

Awesome video! My favorite is still four roses but maybe I’m basic.

reno cool says:

fighting cock, buffalo trace, johny drum, wt101, would be my favorites out of those. Hard to look at all of those jim beam bottles. yak

William Lee says:

Beam white over beam black. Never would’ve guessed.

Ike Zweig says:

Out of curiosity, what are you saving the tiny corner of the cracker for? (12:05)

Stanky Fish Gutz says:

I just tried Rebel Yell here recently… never again. it reminded me of sweet nail polish remover.

Jacob Mayle says:

My go to is bulleit for a tailgate situation

What you Want to do says:

Why are you sticking to only Kentucky Bourbon. You can’t have a best bourbon anything and disqualify half of your selection just because you are from Kentucky and therefore believe only Kentucky Bourbon counts. It’s disingenuous.

rafael17264 says:

nice show.i like it a lot.really hope you will get much more subscribers and views!

Joel Weidenfeld says:


mark perez says:

love seeing the change in personality! btw- wild turkey 101 and rebel yell are my go to whiskeys.

Aaron Anderson says:

Your videos are good… but… I can’t get over how horrible your color cast is in your videos.

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