Blanton’s Bourbon (Revisited) | The Bourbon Guild Review Show

In this episode we review the super popular Blanton’s Single Barrel Bourbon. Watch and find out what we think of it.


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Derek Poore says:

Definitely a value at msrp but not more.

WheelHouseWhisky says:

Great review. Ive had mine for a while. Need to open it. Used to see them for $55 now $75

ranman1959 says:

Very fair review. Blanton’s comes 6 in a case and I believe 3 come in boxes & bags, the other 3 come in the plastic mesh. I live in a control state so Blanton’s is always at MSRP when it’s available. At $55 I think it’s good but there are cheaper bourbons I like almost as much.

Ole Thanatos says:

Another rare one in this neck of the woods. But hey what can you do. Cheers

js92css says:

Got a bottle last week, $47 in NE Kansas. Mine came with the box and satchel. I waited a month to get it, sold out the next day. Our store has a 1 bottle limit per person per day. Funny thing about the box, I think mine was tampered with, lol!…..the little slit that goes over the horse and rider was alittle too worked to be a one time packaging pass. Looked opened and closed a few times.

I get a new bottle of something every month, my last was Weller SP. That seemed more caramel/brown sugar and spice compared to this, different animal I know(wheated), but my bottle(dumped 12-10-18 barrel 2805) seemed to be less robust, less spice of an experience. Definitely more vanilla and much more wood in comparison to the Weller though.

Does the Blantons change in the bottle with time after being cracked open? I was alittle underwhelmed(my 1st time with Blantons). No negative remarks, I just think the hype might have boosted this one in my head. Perhaps John Wick contributed to my preconceived notions of Blantons? I wanted to get my socks blown off, but didn’t. I’m gonna savor this one and try to use it as a comparison base.

Any suggestions as to what to try next that is on par with Blantons or a DIRECT competitor spoken in the same sentence?

Mose Chun says:

Omg, such a awesome and entertaining review gentlemen, where I live I’m always confused in that the netted Blantons is $55 but the one in the box is $65. Cheers to great reviews and drams!

atamz74 says:

I have a bottle stashed in the box at retail price being held for me. Will be happy to share the info with you once I get it!! Good show as always and funny and entertaining!!

John D says:

Great review Guys, although I think Jules was a little stingy…One of the nice things about living in PA is that our state has regulated stores and pricing, with Blanton’s being $58.99 and pretty much available

Whisky Papa says:

I personally prefer Rock Hill Farms, Elmer T Lee, and Hancock’s over Blanton’s. But it’s a little bit easier to find and not bad at all. It’s safe to say there is not bad bourbon on BT’s mash bill #2 line up.

1990325is says:


Triplecap says:

A box? What? When did that start? I only see it, here in PA, in that stupid mesh.

Todd Wilkinson says:

Should be a Nine all day long! But I agree with most arguments regarding prices!!!! But no need for the no flush comment, just gross and I’m still going to Buffalo Trace next month!

Kunaal Khanna says:

Nice review! Y’all now need a bottle of Banton’s SFTB to review next 🙂

Mike S says:

Was that a John Wick reference

Scotchgod says:

Blanton is very decent stuff for sure , but way too fucking expensive, 55€ over here. Elijah Craig is only half the price and easily just as good.

spforevr11 says:

so i got down to the last few pours (probably 3) of my bottle of blanton’s a few months ago, but was just hesitant to finish it off (even though i do have another bottle). I remember being somewhat underwhelmed with this bottle compared to another one i tried (that one being the one that actually got me really into fine whiskies compared to standard BT and makers). Decided to revisit it this episode, and holy mother of god is it a complex, flavorful masterpiece. i have no idea if i was just tasting it wrong before, if my palate has actually changed that much, or if sitting that long with a lot of air in the bottle just made it continue to open up, but i’m actually kind of upset i did not appreciate it for what i am currently getting from it for the majority of the bottle. i just hope my second bottle is equally good.

great video as always btw 🙂

DJ Beacon says:

Great re-review or update. “The HORSE!!!” “THE single barrel!!” Many places around Myrtle Beach are at $99. Still a few at $65. REAL Lucky if you can get at $60 or under. I really enjoy the smell.

spforevr11 says:

also, really like the “outtakes” at the end, nice addition!

zodiac1281 says:

Still 52-60$ in northern ca

VegasArt says:

great review and important lesson on the Blanton’s box/bag game.

M Hagy says:

I can live without the box; the bottle looks pretty good in fishnets, and I’ve definitely sifted through boxes to get the letters I needed. Sadly the prices on this one, as well as so many others, keep migrating north.

newmennium says:


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