Blanton’s Original Single Barrel Bourbon – Review #105

Blanton’s is a bourbon that needs hardly any introduction. It’s little horses can be a collectible, and the bottle is cool as hell.

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Artem Repin says:

Hi Bill, thanks for review! What do you think about cognac??

Barta Bhaus says:

This one is a smooth criminal. Great content as always Bill!

ROPname says:

Please do more Vanilla Drop sounds, the louder the better… I love dropping my headphones and almost spilling my beverage cause of it, and the finish consists of a slight ringing in your ears for a Medium Length.
Keep it up! 🙂

Erik Wait says:

At The Whiskey House in San Diego they use empty Blanton bottles (without topper & label) as water serving bottles. They remind me of the Holy Hand Grenade in Monty Pythons’ Holy Grail. I’ve tasted Blanton but not yet purchased a bottle, I’ll have to pickup a bottle for March 2019 “Bourbon Month”.

Eric West says:

I had to change my pants after the vanilla sound….

DJ Beacon says:

Bill, Enjoyed this review. In our area, we see this much more at different stores (and even some as the dot375 half bottles) than Wellers Antique 107. Some are at about $70 and more at $99. I agree, very balanced and the nose is fantastic. Cheers.

Dreamer5211 says:

Hi Bill , I have heard about that bourbon a few months ago , there website is great , so is there shop , all kinds of goodies !!
NHLC does not stock this and mail order places won`t ship to me because I live in NH , the closest place to me in Mass. is Burlington.
I keep forgetting , but the next time I am going to buy a bottle , I plan on begging them ( NHLC ) to carry it !!

That has to be one of the coolest bottles , the first time I hear of it and saw the bottle with the horse and rider stopper , I though , I have got to know more , yeah , not available in NH 🙁 ”””””

Thanks for the video , you made it sound so great , so double thanks. Bill I know you have new gear and are doing your very best to get things squared away , but , the audio needs tweaking. Your vocals are too low , but the sound of the “Vanilla Dropping ” on your table nearly broke my ear drums !! I just thought you might want to know vocals are low >> sound F/X`s are too high <<<< not sure if your mixing or are going old school and trying mic placement , I am far from complaining , you know that , I just want to help 🙂 Thanks again , and if you decide to go into the bootleg biz , please let me know !! LOL , take care , Gary 

Paul Vogel says:

Finally !! On behalf of my daughter and I – thank you for reviewing our absolute favorite Bourbon.

Bourbinsane says:

That heavy vanilla dropping scared the crap out of me haha. I had my headphones in. Great review Bill! Like the B role and extra editing you did. Probably took much longer to edit

Russ McCurdy says:

Thanks, the heavy vanilla scared me. LOL

SheFlungDung says:

So glad you did this review, the GOLD is my most favorite drink of all time. If I didn’t have such a hard time finding it, I’d send you some.

josh1920 says:

I’ve had this bourbon before and I loved it if I remember correctly wasn’t this the bourbon that John Wick drink when he was getting operated on in the first movie

Alex says:

My favorite bourbon. Love your videos.

SwimmingCarcass says:

Your voice is very quiet in this video compared to your previous reviews. And the sound at the vanilla scared the crap out of me as a result 😀

ihavcandygetinthevan says:

Was in the office with speakers when I watched this…welp…that clang scared the entire floor lol

Gonzo Wrenn says:

Great review as always. There’s also blanton’s Red and Black in Japan. The Black is 80 proof and the Red is 93 proof. Both 750ml.

acelee632 says:

Blanton’s Red, aged for 8 years, is something else. It’s good to live in Japan!

redshredder1021 says:

Great video Bill! My first and only taste of Blanton’s was in NYC last March with a friend of mine. $24 a dram! But it was soooo good! I recently found them an hour away from me here in NW Iowa. Small bottles, $14! Like finding a unicorn in the wild. I didn’t get it cuz I’m a father of 4 and it wasn’t in the books at the time. I hope they still have some. Kinda doubt it, as good as it is. The guy working there had no clue how much of a big deal this stuff is.

SinnersCourt says:

Dude, that first taste was loud as fuck haha. Vanilla? I can’t find Blanton’s anywhere in my city…. ;(

Ralph Nunley says:

I got a bottle finally, now I don’t want open it…on the lookout for another one ha!

Kenneth Kennelty says:

Great video, love the additions.

Mose Chun says:

I agree, I nearly jumped out of my chair when the heavy vanilla dropped, and then my wife yelled “What heck are you doing in there?” Thank you for the excellent review, and I will be picking up a bottle of Blanton’s. Cheers!

Gustav Farenthide says:

Great review! But man oh man was that heavy vanilla scary! Perhaps turn the volume down a little next time 😉

bedlamborn says:

The Blantons sftb is one of the best bourbons I can buy in Sweden regarding abv and price. Anout 70$. Always more expensive outside of Sweden.

T Sav says:

Hope I can find this in the stores now. I was given a bottle of this once. It was great!

Jon .Rumbuc says:

I was waiting so long for you to do this review! Absolutely delicious.

Gianni Verschueren says:

I tried the Blanton’s Reserve in a specialty airport retail store. May be your best bet as an American.

Scott Bott says:

I’ve never seen this on a shelf anywhere

Ralt Gaither says:

Ok, now I have to try it.

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