Blanton’s Original Single Barrel Bourbon: The Single Malt Review Episode 113

‘The Original Single Barrel Bourbon’ Blanton’s is bottled from Buffalo Trace distilled bourbon and released as various expressions, this one being the most commonplace. A surprisingly dry, austere Bourbon compared to what both Dave and Tim are used to tasting.


HillbillySelectReviews says:

Very nice review. I just received a 30 yr Balantine scotch. The person who gave it to me received it in 1964. It was distilled in late 20’s early 30’s. I’m excited to try it.I will do a review on it.

A T says:

This bottle was a taste of Kentucky. I drank this whiskey and I laughed as it tea bagged it’s competition.

The Rock says:

How DARE you TANT the god-given gift that is Blanton’s with WATER! UGH!

Don Juan72 says:

I believe the battle tells you the date it as dumped in the barrel so you can tell more or less how old it is.

Mark Knister says:


Brohan89 says:

Enjoying a vintage dram of Wild Turkey 8 year old while watching this, cheers guys! Great review.

Jason Voorheese says:

A couple of folk have called it “overpriced”. I’m sure there are American bourbon patriots who are wincing at your adding of water, heh. BLONTONS

HillbillySelectReviews says:

also is there a way to tell when it was bottled?

Richard Bostan says:

“Almost never” artificially coloured? It is strictly illegal under American law to artificially colour bourbon, so forget the word “almost.” Or to be more precise, you can add artificial colouring to bourbon, but then it it is illegal to label it as “bourbon.” A distiller could still sell it labelled as just “whisky” (spelled “whiskey” would be more likely, of course).

Ian Holmes says:

You guys are a riot! I really enjoy your reviews, and the brand of humor. Great stuff!

EyeWitnessChina says:

What makes bourbon so special is that there is no Carmel color allowed. Also, by law all ingredients in bourbon must be organic. And the water used is one of the best quality limestone waters in the world. Fine bourbon can trump the best scotch whiskey. I’d take a bottle of George T. Stagg over any premium commonly available scotch out there. Yes, it’s that damn good.

Soteriologist says:

Funny, I value some bourbons (not many) precisely _because_ they are different from scotches, full on oaky and unapologetically generous. Whenever a bourbon tries to be cerebral, subtle and transparent, that is usually reason for me to reject it because in that domain it will always lose against similarly priced scotches.

tdaveniii says:

You can’t call it bourbon if you add color.

Triplecap says:

Did you say “colonial stuff”? I probably misunderstood, but if you really said it LOL. From the country Kiwis love to hate, cheers.

Kevin Smith says:

I help make this every day at Buffalo Trace Distillery. 9 years now. PROUD of our Bourbons! I am in the Blanton’s Hand Craft department. ALOT of steps to making that bottle perfect. Hand corked, hand waxed, hand labeled, and hand packed.

Cliff Lash says:


First time on your site – enjoyable. But, please turn up the volume. Cheers!

cato says:

It’s more classy when you guys say it. Lol

Welsh Toro says:

Nice review guys. I’ve not had this but I do have a bottle of the Single Barrel cask strength which you can’t buy in the States. It’s available abroad and travel retail like cruise ships. It’s pretty good but I’m not in a hurry to get another one. By the way, I think natural colour is a legal requirement for bourbon.

1969klink says:

Great Review “colonel Crittenden”

Billy Hughes says:

It’s generally 6-8 years old, but, they should just age state,…I agree. Blanton’s is a favorite of mine. Also, in the US regular Buffalo is a bit cheaper than Blanton’s. I’m fairly new to your channel — subscribed. Keep em coming.

Taylor Riley says:

fantastically honest review you gentlemen have definitely echoed my thoughts on this particular bourbon. brilliant

The Malted Man Cave says:

Great review guys. Just bought this,dalwhinie 15, and Balblair 99. Can’t wait to get home and pop them open:)

HillbillySelectReviews says:

what dos the current Balantine 30 go for?

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