Blanton’s Review

The Charred Barrel Society gives their thoughts on the original single barrel bourbon – Blanton’s. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Richard Hyde says:

Ha! Found my bottle on Washington State Ferries crossing on my way home from the US to Canada….$56 US or about $73 Canadian. Well worth it. Love my bottle for sure. Will buy again……Thanks for the review. Keep up the good work. Great facial hair you two…..Thanks for posting………Sincerely Hoodoo Cider…..

Kevin Smith says:

AND, I work at Buffalo Trace Distillery in the BLANTON BUILDING!…7 1/2 years making GREAT Bourbon!

macroorchidism says:

rating of 2.4 out of what? 5?

Curtis Lind says:

Just ordered 2 bottles. Can’t find one in a shop here, a few bars and many casinos get the first take. One of my go to pours… well articulated review Brother Maynard. I will subscribe and visit your website.

Joseph McEwan says:

one of the most overpriced bourbons on the market.

Éverton Carlos Pereira says:

muito bom!!! cara faz tempo que procuro pra comprar, mais não acho aqui no Brasil

Jon Francoeur says:

Best opening ever!

bloodyBill says:

Very frustrating with Blanton’s becoming harder to find . One year ago no problem ,, Now to Buy a case is like asking for a bottle of Pappy Van Wrinkle , just not going to happen .

Kevin Smith says:

HAND FILLED, HAND LABELED, HAND CORKED, …ALOT of hands on EVERY BOTTLE….you just dont see the HANDS ON in bourbon these days….FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE……… on the Blanton bldg…you can see LIVE FEED

Robert Morris says:

Charlotte NC?

dhsilv2 says:

shocking to see blanton’s of all bourbon’s be polarizing. I question the people reviewing this one poorly. I feel the quality here is unquestionably even if you do not like some flavor aspects. Quality and flavor are always mingled but they are distinctly different here.

Rick Prins says:

My favorite Bourbon, without a doubt.

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