Bond & Lillard (New vs. Old) Bourbon Review

Here I review the new Bond & Lillard Kentucky Straight Bourbon. It is from Wild Turkey distillate, aged a minimum of 7 years, charcoal filtered, retails for $50, and is bottled at 100 proof in a 375ml. size. It (along with “Old Ripy”) are the first two releases of the new “Whiskey Barons Collection” by Campari America. Now with this new Bond & Lillard, they are trying to replicate the profile of a Bond & Lillard that won the Grand Prize at the 1904 St. Louis World Fair. When I first heard it was coming out, I was very intrigued since I thought it would be good to compare it to my 1960 Bond & Lillard (to check for similarities). So that’s what I set out to do in this video.

As of 6-2017, my current bottle count stands at over 2,400 bottles. I am a Certified Specialist of Spirits and have also been certified by the Tequila Regulatory Council (CRT). I’ve been actively collecting for the last two decades and what started as a small basic home bar has transformed (with the help and understanding of my wonderful wife) into what I think is a pretty nice collection. Thank you for watching and sharing in my passion.


Robert Breeden says:

Great review as always. Thank you!

charlie.g.hague says:

Your collection is so impressive. But I can’t help but think how much of a logistical nightmare it must be to log and maintain all those bottles. You ever have a hard time with that? I’d imagine it’d be hard as hell to make sure you dont have bottles get too low so they don’t get overly oxidized. Do you use argon gas to maintain them or any other preservation techniques?

Karissa Primas says:

On the list to try..

Ernest Gresham says:

I can’t find a cognac or American brandy review.. Can you please set up an educational video please? Thanks Brother!

degmar says:

Just curious – do you prefer a wheated bourbon, or a ryed bourbon? Do any distilleries have a mash bill that includes both?

Raster says:

Great video! Thank you!

Mark Wilson says:

I like how you refer to your collection as “nice”. You know it’s badass!

Salty Dog says:

I would love to see your take on the best minimalist setup for a home bar (maybe a dozen bottles?). What are the essentials? What reasonably readily available bottles would you choose?

Cody Crosby says:

Can you do a review/Comparison of Old Ripy?!

Tasty Tales says:

Interesting reviews, love it! Did you do any Genever reviews? We shoot short video docs about craft distilleries in The Netherlands (and also craft breweries and wineries). You might like our channel 🙂 Happy to sub to your channel, cheers!

Triplecap says:

Love your reviews. But think about ever reviewing a 375 again — don’t encourage the bastards.

Daniel Feldman says:

Thanks for reviewing these

Peter P. Nguyen says:

Great review! If possible, I’d love to see a review of the Hochstadter’s 16 Year Cask Strength Rye for an upcoming video. Thanks!

Leonard Gordon says:

Very interesting review, where did you find the bottle from the 1960’s?

Asten grenfall says:

What’s the oldest American whiskey still in production today?

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