Booker’s Small Batch Bourbon Review

A review of Booker’s Small Batch Bourbon by Jason Pyle of


smoothswinging14 says:

excellent review, greetings from Brazil.

brewestimus says:

Great review Jason.
I had bad day at work. Came home and have had a snort or Pappy 12, Old Forester Birthday, and am now finishing with Bookers… My day is much better. All 3 are just fantastic.
– BW

Jason Pyle says:

Evaporation of water can cause the ABV to increase. This is especially true for aggressively aged whiskeys in upper regions of the warehouse. Rest assured that it was not put in the barrel higher than 125, but evaporation increases it. George T. Stagg can be above 70%!


alcoholicvdgambler says:

bookers is a great bourbon love the proof and vanilla brown sugary dominace

ready4pullback says:

Just tasting C07-B-7

65.4% 130.8 Proof

Damn fine whiskey, but I fear I may have to wrestle with it a bit!

CliveGains80s says:

I only had batch:co2-a-18. standard in old days. And we get so match water cutting and filtering. This glides down your throat. Its so easy to drink you will notice days later how thirsty for water you are. . I read too batches very but could not pinpoint what numbers have leather Tobacco notes. mine did not. dam! E Craig 12 too oaky. Regular beam the harsh bite. Taste is lots smooth tannins. vanilla. suger, spice. I read you can light it on fire but it all gone now. Smell Huge Heather/Vanillia

IrixGuy's Adventure Channel says:

Wonderful video! My wife brought some back from Louisville for me last week. It’s the first time that I’ve had it. I tried it neat first too but it was a little overpowering (I should have allowed more time like you suggested for it to open up). I love how it is so complex and not too oaky. Prior to this, Bulleit was my favorite bourbon but I understand that this one is is in a much greater league. Anyway, I’ve subscribed to your channel. Keep up the great work!

Jason Pyle says:

@medpatch357 It’s a beast.

falcon048 says:

I had been wondering about this Bourbon for a while. Knob Creek came out with a new product line called “single barrel” versus “small batch” and it weighs in at 120 proof; pretty close to Booker’s but at a cheaper cost. It’s also older at 9 years. Have you tried Knob’s new entry? If so, how would it compare to Booker’s?

LarryRickenbacker says:

Enjoyed your review; thanks for posting.

referee says:

Hi Jason. Of all the Bourbon’s I’ve had ‘Down Under’; I rate them in this order. 1.Booker Noe 2.Elijah Craig SB 18yo 3.Woodford Reserve (Batch 27) 4.Russell’s Reserve SB 10 yo 5.Elijah Craig 12yo, Maker’s Mark etc. Of all these, Booker’s strikes me as being a bit different from the others as if Booker knew something the others didn’t. I understand that this question is slightly vague, but can you shed any light on what I’m experiencing? Is there any Bourbon similar to Booker’s? Thanks in advance

Justin Lambert says:

Booker’s old fashioned. Trust me.

tlv music says:

i have found that bourbons dont benefit from water like single malt scotchs do…but i bet this needs a little drop @ over 60% !!!

Chomzoo 72 says:

I mix it with Coke, am I insane?

Vern Padgett says:

Well done! I liked the history. I rinsed and sent a bottle of Knob Creek Select into the bottling line at the Jim Beam Distillery last week. We visited 9 distilleries and JB was in the top 2 (With Buffalo Trace). I’ll pick up a bottle of Booker’s and sip it while watching your review again. Thanks for your review.

Tadashi Ishihara says:

Wonderful bourbon that should only be sipped neat. I add a couple of drops of water. Not for the faint of heart!

tlv music says:

glad you brought up the water issue… bourbons i have found don’t really benefit from water… as apposed to a single malt scotch.. hmmm i bet this one need a little bit though at that ABV !! just subscribed…

Jason Pyle says:

@falcon048 Please check my website, sourmashmanifesto-dot-com (cannot write links in comments). Search under Knob Creek. I did a written review. I liked Booker’s better.

Anthony Lloyd says:

Great review Jason. Bookers is my favorite bourbon. I have been buying it since I was 23, and I’m 41 now. The only bourbon I like equally is Knob Creek Single Barrel, Blanton’s and Pappy. Bookers edges them out in my opinion. I just really prefer the taste of Bookers. I do hear what you are saying about the inconsistency from batch to batch. Usually I add two ice cubes and let it breathe for 10 to 15 min. Thanks for the great reviews all around!

rami26s1 says:

Jason, I’m confused.. My bottle of bookers says Kentucky straight bourbon but has an ABV of 65%. I thought straight whiskey couldn’t go into the barrel at a higher ABV than 62.5%.. Am I missing something?

severecracker says:

My bottle is on order to my local store.
Is that a screw on cap?

On the road says:

I enjoy this bourbon very much straight and sometimes on the rocks (thats where I get my splash of water)…Never use it for a manhatten as it is too good to mix

Jason Pyle says:

@severecracker No it’s a cork stopper.

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