Bourbon Brothers Review No. 34 | Buffalo Trace Straight Kentucky Bourbon

Gaven and Jeff review Buffalo Trace



theherbpuffer says:

This is actually aged at least 8 years

peter white says:

I really enjoy your Bourbon opinions/reviews.

 You collection of near impossible to source whiskies is nearly as impressive as the “Liquorhound’s”

Putting this review into perspective…Elijah Craig 12 is a whopping $2 more in Ontario so would it be safe to say that EC12 is a much better “bang for the buck” than BT.

I use that comparison because EWSB is very expensive here compared to these 2. Prices for Bourbon in Canada do not really make sense some time.


FMichael1970 says:

Big fan of this bourbon…Picked up a massive 1.75 L bottle for $43 – great bargain!

Douglas Pettit says:

it’s a 7-9 year old bourbon depending…

Daniel Gillenwater says:

Great Review. Enjoy watching you guys. One thought regarding age statement though, at the 3:19 mark you mention that w/ no age statement it is “probably between 2-4 yrs.” However, by law, a “straight” bourbon that is less than 4 years old must state the age on the bottle. So, if they’re following the rules, this bourbon is at least 4 years old. Most estimates I’ve seen put it closer to the 6-8 year range. Just a thought. Thanks for the reviews, keep them coming.

Slaytounge says:

I’m sitting here smelling it and your description is spot on. Didn’t expect that.

OSU says:

Definition of whiskey snobs

Skeedaddy187 says:

2 to 4 years? i thought any bourbon aged less than 4 years must have an age statement…. i was under the impression Trace is 6 to 8 yrs…

MusicFan says:

Thanks for the concise review guys. FYI, I recall there was an interview on Youtube with Elmer T. Lee from a few years back which may still be available. In it, he said that the Buffalo Trace Bourbon is a batching of barrels about nine years old, which is on par with the product bearing his own name from the same distillery. I suspect this Bourbon is still eight years old or so on average, but as an NAS product, it’s subject to change without notice. Its retail list price has crept up $4 per 750ml in three years.

Welsh Toro says:

Guys, Buffulo Trace stopped selling at 45% in Europe a few years back. It’s now a miserly 40% I can get some single cask bottles at 45% for £70 but that seems a little expensive. I’m not convinced it will be better than your regular bottles. Is it worth it for £70 sterling?

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