Bourbon Brothers Review No. 52 | Larceny Bourbon

Gaven and Jeff review Larceny bourbon

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birddog2017 says:

This I will try. Always been a Kennedy fan.

clayton gross says:

I have a QUESTION regarding the fairly recent trend of bourbons not
having an age statement: why do you think this is? is it just because
with the increasing demand for bourbon the producers are increasingly
pressured to put out less aged (perhaps faster aged) whisky? you
mention in this video that you can usually assume that bourbons without
an age statement are very young, maybe just 2 years even. I seem to
recall being told that if it says Kentucky straight bourbon it is
required to state the age if it has spent less than four years in the barrel. does this
mean that wild turkey 101 for example is probably aged four years or even less? I’ve only become a serious bourbon drinker since this trend so i have never had a bottle of
wild turkey WITH the 8 year age statement that it used to have. I would like to believe the people from wild turkey who claim that the current 101 is ABOUT 8 years old and that the lack of age statement is to allow them bottle based on the other characteristics but that it still averages about 7 or 8 years

Victor Neumann says:

Great stuff, I’ve been sampling my 1st bottle for a few weeks now and very much enjoying it. Typically I’m a Scotch drinker but lately I’ve been expanding my tastings into fine bourbons and this one is very nice. Note~ Double Gold Medal award at the 2014 San Francisco World Spirits Competition in a unanimous vote by the panel of expert judges & Whiskey Magazine awarded Larceny the “Best Buy” designation with rave reviews from some of the most revered tastemakers in the industry.

william turner says:

I bought a bottle of this on a whim a few months for a tasting I was going to.  This is quickly becoming one of my favorite bourbons, especially at the price point.

Michael B says:

I can’t find a better bourbon for $32 for a 1.75l bottle. Good enough to drink straight with maybe a splash of water.

Welsh Toro says:

Guys, Thanks for the review. I just polished off a sample whilst watching. It’s a decent bourbon but on this side of the pond it costs £46 (admittedly a 100 cl bottle) and that puts it against some stiff opposition.

Justin D'Agostino says:

Picked up a bottle via your recommendation.  Its great and for the price you cant beat it!

Barry Zuckercorn says:

Its similar to buffalo trace, it has a little less bite than buffalo trace. I’d prob rather have buffalo or Elijah craig 12 year old though if I’m goin for a bourbon around this price but this is a solid bourbon.

Tadashi Ishihara says:

Purchased a bottle for $21 at Bevmo, Stockton, Ca. the other day. Great price for nice bourbon.

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