Bourbon Review #1: Maker’s Mark

I live just a few miles from some of the most famous bourbon distilleries in the world. So why not do Bourbon reviews? This is about Maker’s Mark from Loretto, Ky.


Tacoon100 says:

I love this Bourbon ! 

livingisaight says:

good video, buddy.

Scott says:

Good review. I tried it and I don’t care for it personally. It’s got a good aftertaste but it burns on the way down and is not pleasant to drink. Disaronno is a much better sipping liquor in my opinion.

David Chukhajyan says:

Would love to see more videos.. Hopefully with some historical bits in them. 


Brad Atkins says:

It’s Makers Mark 🙂 thank you for taking time to do this review. Very good.

Cheyenne Flowers says:

greating from australia! =] watched your review a day ago sat down had one with this video today its great stuff! and just like to say thank you very much you helped alot and keep at it your worth subscribing to ^.^

Lefty Lead Foot says:

Thanks for the information. Do more reviews and ill subscribe.

Juan Cabrera says:

It`s Makers Mark for God`s sake…

kryp10yt says:

I’ve really enjoyed your reviews. Thank you!

tito Cc. says:

I feel like having a drink at work everyday, a sip won’t hurt nothin… Right-on!!

greatriffishere says:

hell makers mark is good whiskey and it’s cheaper than crown which sucks in my opinion but a little more expensive than jack but i like maker’s mark it’s the best!! I also like jack but jack is no makers mark!

Dan Alan says:


Mm says:

This one is my fav

Daegda Games says:


Glasgow Harley rider says:

I was in Louisville many years ago…. ( per bourbon days sadly ) 1998! Long time. Loved KY . Real America I call it

Hydrophile44 says:

You and Steve Buscemi must surely share a lot of the same genes! But, seriously, this was great video, and I am extremely new to whisk(e)y, so this was fairly educational for me as well. It helped confirm some of the things about Maker’s Mark I’ve read on the web, and I think now I will be getting a bottle of it soon, to help to start training my palete. Good job!

Ian Lockyear says:

carpet laying is dead thats why i got out of it.. nice video man

Nomlas Salmon says:

All the reviews never mention the almost flammable nostril flare. I’ve been standing next to people at the bar, and they go “Jeez that’s strong!?” Maybe thats because I’m doing double shots of it?

Bryan Allison says:

Woodford Reserve!

sküll düggery says:

airplane glue…

myonecat69 says:

Thank you very much for making this. I really enjoy watching it.

eric cam says:

you must be a very sad and angry person, dissatisfied with your life. did you have a bad day today?

CasaDeGomez says:

Nice review, thanks

Rodney Childs says:

My son gave me a fifth of MM for a New Years gift. I have to say as far as whiskey goes MM is a very good quality spirit. I really enjoyed drinking this stuff.

Makers Mark has made a fan out of me 

Daegda Games says:

3:30 Sounds like something my step-father would say . . . It is true though it’s freaking makers mark mixing it with anything is sacrilege!!!

BHarris25 says:

I wish I could drink at work..

Rogelio C says:

Thank for the video, keep doing them.

What do you suggest to identify the flavours ?

Tim Wright says:

I’m teetotal but… damn.

TheAmbSteve says:

It’s great as it is, definitely no need for mixing.

The Malted Man Cave says:

Love your reviews. Keep up the good work. I am going to be reviewing this soon as well. This is my favorite bourbon along with Elijah craig 12

Joe Vargeletis says:

it it me or this guy seam drunk af lol

Flylikechris says:

Very good! Glad I saw this video.
How do you feel about Makers 46?

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