Bourbon Review: Bulleit Bourbon

Bulleit Bourbon dates back to the 1830s. In today’s video, I open up a bottle sent to me by YouTube user Phampants.

Bulleit Bourbon:

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robert mchippie says:

so heisenberg did not die, he became a whisky reviewer on youtube

Claire XserviceX says:

drunk off this shit rn

Steve Miller says:

Thanks my friend!

Cameron McPeak says:

Canada gets the 45.5 version

brad willis says:

Drinking some right now. This bourbon is BOMB!!!!

presterjohn71 says:

My UK purchased bottle is 45% proof and has the skewed label. Maybe things have changed since 2012. As for the drink itself it is very good indeed. Very rich and brimming with flavour.

John Hardin says:

Will it work with club soda and twist of lime?

J.L. Cantrell says:

thank you for the great review, I just bought a bottle in California for 22.00

Jeremy Dore says:

Any bourbon made outside of Kentucky is bullshit my friend…

MrPenguinChef says:

Just so you know, it is not what it seemes or claims ( history wise ) , might be a good whisky, but the story is not 100% true,

Ryan Johnson says:

I agree. It’s smooth enough to enjoy then has that nice bite at the end. I believe I would purchase again in the future.

Gafford1 says:

You said absolutely nothing about the bourbon , nothing of its characteristic, besides days it’s mellow and smells like bourbon.

Rage Blanket says:

I’m drinking this right now! it is awesome! and I’m a maker’s mark man!

Mikael Rudolfsson says:

Jim Beam Devil’s Cut (90 Proof) great whiskey…You should try it 🙂

Luis Wells says:

My absolute favorite bourbon for under $30 is Old Grand-Dad 114. If you haven’t tried it I highly recommend it neat. I think water is not a friend to this delicious bourbon. I love the Bulleit Rye but I have to admit I have not tried their bourbon.

I D'Souza says:

FYI Bulleit bourbon is actually owned by Diageo.
Also the stuff about being limestone filtered is not unique among kentucky bourbons.

Blackhawk213v says:

its amazing I just got a .750ml bottle on sale for $19.99!

Mason Jar says:

I”m not that experienced but it’s my favorite so far. To me it’s darker and less sweet than Maker’s Mark.

TaengooVer9 says:

How does this taste compared to cognac? I’m don’t have any knowledge about drink and just try whatever is served. I got that cognac as a complimentary because my friend and I ordered a lot of food in that restaurant. I’m more like a cheap person, I like soju and sake. Sake isn’t cheap btw.

Marshmish says:

Here in the UK the label is askew too and the % is 45% Vol. Just to up date you mate

pattyk77 says:

This grew on me, cheap and mixes well for cocktails. The bottle is awesome too.Liked it much better than Buffalo Trace which I thought was skunky.

Danny Hogan says:

I always wondered why my bottle I got
For Xmas had the label at a funny angle

n0zqh says:

If you like the bulleit bourbon give the bulleit rye a try. Both are my favorite whiskeys with rye being in first place.

Steve Miller says:

Well cognac is a distilled brandy, so it’s not the same as a whiskey. I’m not really a fan of them.

Isaiah Scattercreek says:

Smelling a whiskey once, saying it has a “good bouquet”, gulping it down like a shot, then saying it’s “smooth”just isn’t a review bro. Sorry.

michael myrick says:

mr. miller, enjoyed your review of bulleit bourbon. most excellant whiskey at a good price! thanks for your informative and entertaining review. yours, mike myrick

L & A Solucões Para o Seu Lar says:

adoro esse whiskey !!!

Serbian Space Marines says:

The drop of water really opens it up, but it’s amazing for the price.

Steve Miller says:

I think I will have to get some!

chakands says:

i bought in Brazil the 45% version 🙂 this bourbon smells so good i could use it as perfume

xdsshooter says:

cant wait to get a bottle of Bulliet and give it a shot

Skylaar Lash says:

While it’s good, it’s still no Basil Hayden’s or Blanton’s.

CHeartlyR says:

angel’s envy has a rye that they just came out with not too long ago and it is amazing!

Ryan Osman says:

I love this brand of Bourbon!!! I am going to try more American Fine Rye Whiskeys in the future.

Hunter Moody says:

I’m drunk ass fuck ing now off th hat shit

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