Buffalo Trace Product Reviews

A review of six different Buffalo Trace Products! Tasting notes for each one! Enjoy!

This video represents a personal opinion only. This video is an independent review and is not selling or linking to a site that sells the product being reviewed. Do not consume alcohol in the United States if you are under the age of 21.


Hieronymous Merkin says:

You forgot Benchmark 😉

mpharr2 says:

If you should ever travel to Europe Blantons Gold is sold there-Finish is much better than Blantons

RP 3 says:

I wish I could find EHT for around $35. Have yet to see it for under $63. I attribute it to living in NY

Corey Martin - Big Poppa says:

Love the multi review Dave.

Next you should do a review like this with the bottom shelf whiskey. A lot of them are underrated: old Fitzgerald, Heaven Hill black, JW Dant, Along with others.

Wild Bill 69 says:

you are so dead on point. don’t know how you do… oh yes I do. you give dam, and its much appreciated. all truth no bull. keep it up brutha.

Pipes says:

Good videos man. I like your system

Original American says:

I love Eagle Rare and I am not a big fan of most whisky. Going to get some Blantons soon as it is supposed to be awesome stuff.

Eagle Rare 10yr says:

I think it’s a safe bet on which one I like the best. But, to each their own. I enjoy all of these bourbons and your review on each is very informative. Thanks for what you do and I look forward to seeing more videos.

Welsh Toro says:

Buffalo Trace has dropped its ABV in the U.K to 40% and I’m not interested at that strength. I can get a single cask at 45% but it costs £65. I want to get it but I think its going to be no better than the U.S bottling but over twice the price. Most people like Buffalo Trace because it’s good value. Do you think it worth it at £65 Sterling? I’m thinking I don’t. Cheers. WT

Sanford Hamby says:

Thank you for an awesome review. Sorry about the bad day at work.

Wild Bill 69 says:

God bless that bad day at work…

dhsilv2 says:

Gonna disagree REALLY strongly on the eagle rare vs buffalo trace scores. Point blank imo the buffalo is the better bourbon as far as flavor goes. it’s not as smooth, not even close, but it’s got a better flavor that’s come through with that slight additional character and it’s cheaper. Buffalo is imo the best value on the market and that’s why it’s actually gotten to be a hard to get bourbon. Never had the 90 proof weller so I’m not sure there, that score seems low but again haven’t had it. The 107’s score seem a hair high as well but they’ve got two 107’s, I thought that was the easier to find and “lesser” of the two but if I’m wrong perhaps that score is more in line.

For whatever it’s worth the blanton’s is the best here by imo more than these scores indicate. What really makes that a great one is that it’s going to be approachable for a novice and an expert and both will really get a lot out of it. Sadly another that’s gotten insanely hard to find in many areas.

Jesse Azizeh says:

I don’t agree on your Eage Rare vs. The Buffalo Trace…Eagle Rare is barely swallowable …compared to Buffalo Trace..which I really like ..but I like as u mentioned or prefer the more bitter and citrus type Bourbon great video!!

piyush sopory says:

Hi, Love your videos. I have been sipping eagle rare recently. I like it- agree with you that is is strong whiskey , not very complex, the finish is mostly buttery, not spicy, I get some tobacco too. But, I don’t think eagle rare is for a new bourbon drinker, may take some time to get used to it. overall not bad for the price at all. Hey, have you tried the buffalo trace single barrell. I bought it recently, I thought it had a great finish to it and very well balanced.

Dave Reid says:

I can’t find the Weller Antique anywhere and I really want to try it.  I’ve tried all but the two Wellers you reviewed.  Still searching for the Taylor 4 grain too.

Jason Voorheese says:

I guess Elmer and Stagg aren’t available in your area, either. Like half of Buffalo Trace products I’ve never even seen in person.

Anywho, for me, Eagle Rare was everything I don’t like about bourbon: extremely cloying, one note-ish, reminiscent of cough medicine. High rye somewhat balances that, but some of my favorite bourbons use a traditional mashbill. I’m hesitant to drop $60 for Blanton’s, and have considered EH since it was introduced some time this year.

Yessenia Minton says:

Blantons Eagle Rare and Buffalo Trace in that order… Colonel Taylor is gross and so are wheat bourbons

lolzforthewinzor says:

Not a fan of the Blanton’s.

Cig Smoker says:

Buffalo Trace has almost the exact same flavor profile as Blanton’s, notwithstanding variations between bottles of Blanton’s. The BT is just very muted and not nearly as rich and buttery by comparison but well worth the coin if you like Blanton’s and want to save some scratch.
Blanton’s > Buffalo Trace but I still drink BT.

Michael Wellman says:

I’m pretty sure all of the Weller bourbons are wheated

Matt S says:

The EH Taylor actually reminds me of a scotch with that bottle case. I haven’t seen another bourbon like it in that specific regard

Don Castello says:

Hello Dave,
thumbs up.
Great challenge!!! The Buffalo Trace 90 Proof and the Blanton’s Original are always in my Bar .
@next i will try the Eagle Rare 10 , good Price and 10 J.age statement bourbon.
BG Don

peter white says:

The E H Taylor single barrel and straight rye may be better than the small batch so I wonder what score those would have. Here in Ontario the LCBO sells all 3 of those Taylors for the same price for some unknown reason.

Great review


beefsupreme72 says:

Great review, love all those but the Colonel gets my vote.

fahewettII says:

I just found your reviews and they are just fantastic.  I am a Buffalo Trace lover myself.  My daily dram is a BT product called Benchmark.  It is a “bottom shelf” product that is just awesome and would love to see you do a review on it.  I think it is the best value in bourbon at 10 bucks.

Brandon Garland says:

you go to hell – Buffalo Trace is the ABSOLUTE BEST. (all in good fun btw 😉 )

chris2words says:

you reviewed the weller’s ,you mentioned old Weller highly an mention the wheat ?the 1st w.l. weller is a wheat as well?and while i agree 107 is better its the same mash bill ,same bourbon .”Essentially the Antique is the same thing as a the Special Reserve except that it’s bottled at a higher proof,” that quote was from another review online

amlite says:

missing elija craig for comparison (also bt product)

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