Buffalo Trace’s Stagg Jr. Bourbon Reviewed

We review Buffalo Trace’s newest Bourbon release, Stagg Jr. Weighing in at 134.4 proof, this uncut and unfiltered Bourbon is big in flavor and potency. The good news is its being released in higher


Mike Shearman says:

Total Wine and More in Huntington Beach, CA. has five bottles left as of 08/12/15.

beans316 says:

Awesome thanks for the info , didnt know about this one

JClar72 says:

Liquorhound, I bought s bottle the other day, but couldn’t get past the overwhelming alcohol burning, even adding a bit of water and more water, but the flavor was drowned out. At least I tried it, but as far as Buffalo Trace, I enjoy Eagle Rare much more. Thanks for the insight.

Wade Jensen says:

G’day from Australia…firstly let me say “thank you” for your video’s….I have really enjoyed the information you provide and your presentation style. Now I have been a bourban drinker for the last 20 years or so…but by that I mean that is the spirit I drink when I am out drinking…so really just JD and Makers…and always with a lot of ice and topped of with coke. Just lately after discovering your video’s I decided to take it a little more seriously…well try anyway. So I got a bottle of Blantons and was like “yes” this is nice, so for the first time I had a serious go at sipping it straight (I have tried previously with Makers and thought I don’t know how they do it)….and I enjoyed it a lot….I actually enjoyed it!…So checked a few more on line reviews and had a look around our sellers to see what I could get…and got a bottle of Russells Reserve 10 year old…..wow….now I understand what you are going on about in terms of flavour profiles…mid palate…..finish etc….and I thought…its not all bullshit. And so it starts……so thank you once again for sharing you knowledge.

mitchskill says:

finish reminds me of grassy like corn husk

LiquorHound says:

The first release showed up in North Texas about a month ago. From what I hear it will be followed by new batches 2-3 times a year.

D K says:

Do you know how often this bourbon is released? Assuming they released recently because you have one, looking forward to this bourbon!

Z Gabriel says:

don’t anyone ruin this bourbon with coke lol

LiquorHound says:

I was just commenting with “Ju Juu” about the taste of EC21 yesterday. See the comment section of my “Elijah Craig 12, 18 & 20 Year Bourbons Reviewed” video. My single barrel of it was over wooded, but his wasn’t. Like all single barrels, it’s the luck of the draw as to which barrels are better than others.

Timothy Fuller says:

One of my favorite bourbons I have. A great sipper. I would recommend Stagg Jr. neat over with water. I usually let it sit 10-15 minutes and the results are incredible. 

John Gundermann says:

Nice to hear a good review on this bourbon. Any chance you’ve tried Elijah Craig 21? It’s been pretty available where I am but haven’t really found many reviews on it to justify the price tag with the BTAC and BT single oak project being out.

seckler17 says:

Just opened up a bottle of the 132.6 Proof! Fantastic stuff, full of flavors! My local store is having a tasting along with a raffle for the chance to buy there allotment of BTAC as well as the Van Winkle line they received this year. I hope I get the chance to buy a few bottles! Cheers!

Freddie Slaughter says:

Why does most bourbon basically the same, sweet, hot and dull

Jeffry747 says:

When I tasted and nosed Stagg Jr., I picked up almost overwhelming amounts of orange both in the nose and on the palate. A very delicious bourbon. As far as availability goes, I have heard it does not sell well in some states and some stores have healthy stocks as a result. Here in Louisville, KY, I can’t find it at all.

Jeremy H says:

Do you know of any online retailers that stock the buffalo trace antique collection?

Steve Synan says:

Great review. I picked up a bottle today without knowing much about it (other than it has the same mash bill as the elusive George T. Stagg, which I’ve never tried) and I absolutely love it. I then did some searching around and much to my surprise I’m seeing a lot of mediocre (and even some negative) reviews. I’m confused! This is great stuff! I thought it would be more unanimously loved.

run hot pepper says:

I tasted Stagg Jr. last week and I really felt the heat and was not as enjoyable as I had hoped. However, after watching your video review I tried a new pour (neat) and let it sit a full 20-25 minutes in the glass prior to nose & taste. What a totally different experience! Less burn and so much more well rounded in nose & taste. I am now picking up brown sugar, spice and cocoa along with fruit notes on the finish including some pineapple at the end. Thanks for the excellent review & advice!

John Anile says:

Great review! This, along with the Four Roses Small Batch, are my favorite bourbons to date.

JA M says:

Hmm. Not sure how much batch-to-batch variation there is,but my newest bottle has been very hot with fresh, raw, oak flavors (after being watered down to about 46%). So, a bit disappointed for the price it’s going for. $50? Yes, pretty worth it. $80+? Not particularly. I’d rather have 2-3 Weller 12/Antique.

eduardoR91 says:

Great videos man. Really learning a lot from watching your channel. Definitely some great recommendations. Keep up the good work. And cheers from Fort Worth

G2 The M says:

This is a great bourbon, specially when you let it sit on the glass for 15 min, it’s not perfectly done like his father GTS, but it’s the better alternative to it and its available. Thanks for the review, you’re REALLY GOOD AT IT.

McSoappy says:

Nice to finally see a review on YouTube of Stagg jr. Great review. Just subbed.

WhiskyBrasil.com says:

*Thank you, very nice video*

Mike Holliday says:

Nicely done! A well reviewed bourbon. Stagg Jr available Nov 5 here in Vancouver B.C. My liquor store will have only six bottles available, so I know where I will be Saturday morning at the store opening time. People having been lining up for five days in anticipation of getting their hands on a bottle of any of the Pappy Van Winkle releases that will be available.

Jeremy H says:

Nice review, just picked up a bottle, cracking it up at my buddies cottage this weekend, cant wait!

Don Castello says:

Hello LiquorHound,
thumbs up.
Great review!
BG Don

Fat Bastard Feedback says:

Want to try something that will blow your mind?  Pour a dram, and take the initial sip, then set it down and leave it for a half hour minimum and try it again…HOLY COW!! Completely opens up tons of flavors and aromatics! Its like a completely different bourbon.

D K says:

Big big flavors, bold, rye forward, brown sugars, molasses, and some oakiness. My goodness, I haven’t tried the George T stagg SR, but if it taste better than this, my goodness, I am in for a treat. Btw, this Stagg JR is rugged in the beginning, but make sure you get used to it, try to drink it neat as water does mute the flavors. So far, I bought 3 Stagg JR at my local Bevmo!

Lillie Stahl says:

I love watching your videos. I was wondering if you like beer and would consider doing beer reviews. I would be interested in your opinion of the fall seasonal beers (pumpkin ales, apple ales, etc.) Thanks!

mojoG19 says:

Does any one know where I can buy a bottle of George T Stagg or Stagg Jr from?

SigSauerSauce says:

I was able to pick up 2 of each from the BTAC last year for $65-$85/bottle. I haven’t gotten to the Stagg yet since in still on the WLW and Sazerac. I don’t have the money for any of this year’s release unfortunately.

Funky Tape says:

I also got a 134.4 bottle a few weeks ago. $60 before tax. If you want to find one, my advice would be to become best buds with the liquor store manager at the highest vol seller of BT products in your area as they seem to have the greatest pull with the high end stuff as far as allocation goes. The little guys just can’t get this stuff IME; trust me I’ve bothered plenty of them! At my store, he had the remnants of a case in the back, wasn’t out on the shelf.

VaryingViewpoint says:

Great review!

McSoappy says:

Just had my first sip of my bottle of Stagg Jr last night. Very impressed as well! Not sure why people are dogging it as much as they are.

Steven Lizza says:

I tried the Stagg Jr. and fear that the high proof is just not for me.  The only thing I felt was heat and did not enjoy drinking it neat.  I did water it down but really didn’t like that either.  I would much rather drink a blantons or weller product.  If I don’t like the high proof of Stagg Jr. does that mean that George T Stagg will be equally unenjoyably?  Thank You

David Bard says:

Hey, first off, I love your videos, I hope you keep making them. I’m only 21, but your videos have helped me garner a much deeper understanding of quality liquors, particularly bourbons. My dad’s birthday is coming up and I was wondering if you had any recommendations for a quality mid-price Canadian whiskey. (He’s a huge Crown fan). Also, I was wondering what your thoughts were on Jim Bean Devil’s Cut winning best bourbon at the San Fran 2013 spirit awards?

Welsh Toro says:

Really informative review, thanks. I was a little reticent about this but yourself and a few others persuaded me to try a sample and I really liked it. Going to get a bottle. Cheers.

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