Bulleit Bourbon Frontier Whiskey – Review #7

Bulleit Bourbon Frontier Whiskey has gained in popularity the last few years. Let’s find out why.

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acelee632 says:

just picked up a bottle and the first thing off the nose was gingerbread man. Christmas spices are off the charts.

Julien Capolupo says:

Whats is that glass?
Great video!!
Which bourbon would you recommend
Bulleit frontier
Maker’s mark
Knob creek NAS
Woodford reserve
Thanks a lot!

Keep it Simple says:

You didn’t mention the flavor but I always tasted cherry…is that weird?

Wyatt Torix says:

Ive started getting into bourbon but still haven’t decided on a go to brand. I don’t want to spend a extreme amount on a bottle but I want something a little nicer then Jim beam, I was thinking of comparing Bulleit, wild turkey 101 , and makers mark. Any suggestions ?

Miller Vickery says:

get tf out of here with that name lolololololol the whiskey dic

Sancho Pansa says:

my first bottle of bourbon was this exact one. now, since it is a bit hard finding american bourbon (that’s actually bourbon, not some fake european wiskey pretending to be one) I haven’t had much to compar eit with but it is definately one I keep coming back to!

also, on the flavours and the aromas-I definately agree with smelling oriange, but I get a hint of caramel and tobacco in it and fresh tobacco for a pipe was one of my first thoughts opening a bottle of this boy!

thanbks for doing reviews, I like your videos sir
have a good day 😉

darthrevan6 says:

Here in Quebec we only have the Bulleit Bourbon. It’s disappointing that we don’t have 10 year or Rye version of it. But among the bourbons I’ve tried, it’s 1 of my favorites. Better than Buffalo Trace imo

Sector 001 says:

I tried Bulliet (a 50 ml bottle) for the first time, tonight. I agree the color does look “thin” when compared to many other bourbons. I also noticed a strong rye presence. I’m trying not to be judgmental as to this being distilled in Indiana, for I do like its unique look, nose, and taste. I do not think it is worth the asking price however.

eleventy_won says:

You missed the part about Bulleit selling the brand to Diageo who now sources bourbon from Four Roses.

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