Cheap Bourbon Challenge I

Which inexpensive Kentucky Straight Bourbon taste the best According to Charles Walhingford.
Featured Kentucky Straight Bourbons:
Buffalo Trace, Larceny, Elijah Craig


gcbwoods says:

Nice review. How long in between taste did you take? Just curious. Also I think you mean BT was number 2 not 3. Thanks for the review.

g paisano says:

I like Elijah Craig and Buffalo Trace more than Four Roses, and the Four Roses is $10 more here in NY. Haven’t tried the Larceny yet but I understand It is a wheated bourbon, and I think so is Makers Mark and at $40 a bottle I wasn’t a big fan wondering if I should stay away because I didn’t like the Makers?

Nokomisclub says:

I did a taste test between EC 12 and the new NAS version. The difference was quite noticeable. I can understand why they did it, but…..

Scott S says:

I haven’t had Larceny, had the other two and I really like Buffalo Trace, regardless of the price.

Will Duggan says:

I have never tried the Larceny but sounds like I will have to. I agree with you on the Elijah Craig 3rd, Buffalo Trace 2nd so I will see if I can find the Larceny here in Canada and give it a try. thanks.

Jason Voorheese says:

I’ve tried all three and enjoyed them all. Funny, I’ve always considered the $25-35 range to be “mid price” for bourbon, but with prices steadily increasing… I wouldn’t ever dream of paying $100 for a bourbon, not only because I enjoy it less than say, Scotch whisky, but also because its less common and dare I say justified in most cases

FaceMan Buddha says:

Good stuff Brother, I had a gut feeling that Larceny would be the gem of the three; “a buttery, carmel, maple flavor”–wow! Namaste

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