Colonel EH Taylor Four Grain Bourbon Whiskey Review – Whisky Bible’s Whiskey of the Year 2018

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Don Castello says:


plhearts says:

Now I feel so bad selling only one bottle of Four-Grain for $89.99. It never came to my mind that this will be whisky of the year!

Josh Church says:

This is off the subject but I just had Larceny for the first time. I give it to thumbs up for sure. Keep the videos coming brother.

troy couts says:

Enjoyed this review, I love the 2 eh taylor products that I have been able to find and will keep an eye out for more. I also wanted to say I watched your live stream with the dummies and had a blast. As Scott mentioned I had friends over and we cast you guys to the TV and had kind of a viewing party. Thanks for the fun night!

Night Audit says:

I have been calling all over the place (SW Ohio/Kentucky area) and no one has this, no surprise. How were you able to locate a bottle of this?

SOWLEG says:

Well dome on transperancy and the whisky bible criticism 🙂

Tom R says:

9 Central – 10 Eastern time.

GP Schob says:

What was the worst rye? Northern harvest?


Hey Dave, great review only had a sample of the 4G and I agree with the review for the most part. To me overall I was super crazy about it. Also it eying the 2018 WOY, it wouldn’t have gotten my vote. To each there own though. Cheers

Bruce Kay says:

luckily bought one bottle at secondary market for 200 a few months ago but now because of the award price is now 300. nuts

Got Milk says:

Can you do video on Elijah Craig small batch?Thanks

Larry Burgess says:

Basil Hayden’s Dark Rye review please.

Jessie Voisin says:

Back 2 your regular setup.  Everything looks great.  I have been with Flaviar for a year and like it.  Nice chance to try before buying a bottle. Nice flavor notes and wheel also comes in the packaging.

Whiskey Blooded says:

LOL apparently my videos get cut at 20:00 – Sorry about that viewers. That was essentially the end of the video, anyways, it ended at 21:00 on my camera.

Josef Wassermann says:

Ok chulo. Thanks.

David Gillespie says:

The cost for the sample service is so out of whack for the product delivered. I understand they may have products that are hard to source, or afford. Just makes no sense. Go to a nice, well stocked bar, and ask an experienced bartender. And no link provided. David, you are better than this. Whiskey bible is crock and a way for Jim to drink for free, and line his pockets. This could be a nice compact 6 min video of your thoughts. Its why we visit and subscribe.

Don Castello says:

Hello Dave and thumbs up!!!
Great review. I now you like the Colonel EH Taylor Bourbon. He have 2 time Gold takes must be good.Me have not try him but
i will search a Sample. The 15 cl samples make sens better then 5 or 10 cl for try i think.THX for your impressions. Slainte
BG Don

Michael Hamilton says:

I had the opportunity to try this BEFORE it was named whiskey of the year. It was… meh. I’ve had better at that price point.

The video quality is on point man!

Brent & Marianne Sturgill says:

Do you know of any other bottles in the Detroit/Novi area Dave? Interested in selling a sample? Local pickup….

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